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The Mother Of All Vintage Hauls

*Make yourself a cup of tea and grab a chocolate or two! Sit on that comfy chair. This is prob the most photos of goodies I’ve ever posted on a blog* There comes a day in every vintage lover’s life that surpasses every expectation. Expectation of what, you ask? The expectation while walking through a… Continue reading The Mother Of All Vintage Hauls

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Cocoa Brown 1940’s Jacket

Soooo it was not scourching hot today in San Antonio! A cold front came in overnight and we woke up to some much needed crisp cool air. Magically my wardrobe choices for the day multiplied and I was able to wear a lovely vintage jacket I purchased from an Etsy store called Artistique Threads.  Such wonderful… Continue reading Cocoa Brown 1940’s Jacket

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Store Bought New with Vintage Vibes

*Disclaimer* In no way shape or form was I compensated by New York and Co for this review. I purchased these items (on sale!) because I loved them 🙂 So very, very rarely will I shop in a retail ready-to-wear shop for myself. I prefer to make my own clothes, or wear true vintage or… Continue reading Store Bought New with Vintage Vibes

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Another Head-to-Toe Thrifted Outfit, Green Inspired

Just wanted to share my Outfit of the Day, #ootd. I decided to wear a head-to-toe thrifted outfit (except smart watch, that was a gift from hubby lol). Do you ever go through color phases when it comes to your wardrobe? Almost obsessing about a shade and finding yourself wearing and choosing that color almost… Continue reading Another Head-to-Toe Thrifted Outfit, Green Inspired

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Thrifted Primary (Happy) Colors Outfit

Anyone who shops at thrift stores/antique stores know that it’s a roller coaster ride of a hunt. Most days I walk out of the thrift store empty handed. Scan, scan, scan go my eyes. But some days, if the planets are aligned, bingo! In one day my thrift store finds: One emerald green pleated wool… Continue reading Thrifted Primary (Happy) Colors Outfit