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Vogue’s Nicola Finetti Skirt


Who doesn’t want a dramatic black skirt in their wardrobe? Since this year one of my resolutions was to make more separates almost like a chic, quirky capsule wardrobe, I had to purchase Vogue’s Nicola Finetti #1486. I love the white version on the pattern envelope, but let’s get real. I would never be able to keep a white skirt clean!


I chose an inky black scuba knit with a dark blue underside. This was my first time sewing with scuba knit and I love it. It does stretch slightly so I suggest stay stitching your pieces so they don’t distort when you’re sewing them through your machine.


I sketched out the skirt in black and I was ready to go!

Waistband and top half of skirt

I didn’t have any issues with the pattern or directions. I thought they were very straightforward and simple. I think my fav part was making the pockets. I now want every skirt to have big pockets!


Pockets!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I used a polyester lining fabric in black for the pockets and inner waistband lining.


Tada! Outfit complete. Black booties, black tights, white tee and a faux leather jacket 🖤


Did I mention I love the pockets? The fabric is so awesome it drapes and holds its shape and I don’t have to worry about wrinkles!


Now that I’ve forayed into the world of scuba knits, I’m excited to try my hand at more. In the meantime, I’ve learned while enjoying  my palmier and coffee I bought at La Madeleine’s Cafe that crumbs slide right off scuba skirts :p