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Cynthia Rowley Skirt


Cynthia Rowley makes the cutest patterns for Simplicity! Pattern 8058 kind of has a 1970’s throwback feel to it. Maybe it’s the flared trousers (which I want to make as well). Or maybe it’s the wide collar on the jacket? Into my shopping cart and on the way home it went!

I chose to first make the skirt. Now, I am a bit busty. Having a skirt this high up my rib cage was going to be hit or miss. I didn’t want it to make me look shorter in the torso. But there’s only one way to find out…make it!


This is before pressing and for some reason my dress form is tilting. I’ve tried everything and it won’t stop tilting. Just ignore that if you please 🙂

The fabric if I remember correctly is a “suiting” fabric, most likely a poly cotton blend. It has a little stretch which is what I wanted for the skirt. Pattern recommended brocade, denim, linen types, tweed (I think it would look chic in a tweed), wool types, double knit and scuba knit.

I used the size 12 pattern with no alterations to waist, hip or length. The only change I made was to the front two tabs. The pattern said to make buttonholes on the tabs, sew the covered buttons to front panel then button the tabs. Since those tabs are purely decoration I omitted the buttonholes and just sewed the buttons directly on the tabs and skirt.


My 2018 sewing goals will include neater topstitching. This is my imperfect attempt 🙂


The exposed zipper is a fav of mine. I used a 1950’s metal zipper and sewed it in by hand. I also blind hem stitched the bottom hem by hand as well.


Tada! A finished Cynthia Rowley Simplicity skirt!


The Tshirt is a purchase from Zara and I tried to get a similar silhouette like the blouse in the pattern photo (pattern does not come with the blouse pattern). Earrings are from H&M.


Shoes are thrifted and socks are from H&M 🙂

This was an easy pattern to work with. Skirt took me one evening to make start to finish. I’m still on the fence wether I’m too busty for this style skirt. But I’m going to wear it like it fits me no matter what lol! Now I have my eyes on a tweed version!