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The Mother Of All Vintage Hauls

*Make yourself a cup of tea and grab a chocolate or two! Sit on that comfy chair. This is prob the most photos of goodies I’ve ever posted on a blog*

There comes a day in every vintage lover’s life that surpasses every expectation. Expectation of what, you ask? The expectation while walking through a thrift or antique shop, that they will find a treasure trove of heart pounding items. Most at 50% off. And all coming home with them 🙂


Today was that day. On my lunch break cursing the 86 degree Fahrenheit (30 C) weather, I decided to forgo food in search of some alone time to wander a cute antique/thrift store in town.

50% signs were posted in several booths. My heart skipped a beat. Chenille, beading, clothing, ceramics, haberdashery. Looks like it’s going to be a long lunch break 🙂

So much love in one photo ❤

First up, the cutest vase I have ever seen. She coyly turns her painted face over her shoulder, hair coiffed perfectly, her flower matching her blouse (she planned it that way lol). The back of the vase has a little hole so it can be hung on the wall. But I would be devastated if I hung it up and it came crashing down. So I’ll probably keep her on my dressing vanity, safe and sound. Under her head is a chenille remnant. Part of it is fairly stained, but totally liveable. I’ll make it into a decorative pillow case.

The buttons are the daintiest shade of pink, and now I need to go through my que of knitting, crochet and sewing projects and see where I can sneak these ladies in.


Speaking of chenille pillowcases, I also found a chenille pillow without the slightest flaw front or back. She will be my companion pillow to the one I will make.



Next is a ceramic plate/metal wall hanging. I haven’t a clue to its age or where it came from. There is a maker’s mark on back. Anyone have any ideas? I’m debating wether to clean and polish the metal part or leave as is…



Continuing on, here’s a happy minty green colored pitcher. It was made between the mid 40’s to early 50’s right here in San Antonio. I love it’s Art Deco lines. It is cracked along the bottom but I like to think of those as wrinkles 🙂


Now for the most elaborate sweater I have ever come across. Made by Bonnie Wong (Hong King), it’s angora/lambswool. And holy cow, the beading is ridiculously intricate. I looked over almost every inch of beading and it all looks intact. I couldn’t believe it. It does have perspiration stains on back and underarms, but it’s only visible from what I can see from the inner lining. So very wearable. 3/4 length sleeves with a touch of beading, and hook and eye closure for front. I want to say circa 1950’s? Any vintage clothing experts want to weigh in on dating?


And last, but definitely not least. A 1940’s wedding dress and a beaded bridal tiara.



The tiara and gown were sold separately from different vendors. The “tiara” (what the vendor called it) was what I thought was a collar. But it’s way too small to be a collar. So what I’m thinking it’s like those bridal headpieces from the 20’s or 30’s that had a veil attached. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way it’s beautiful:)


Now for the dress! Piping, covered buttons, metal zipper, puff sleeves, 2 foot long train, beading, lace…all in one gorgeous dress.


Let’s start with the front bodice. Faux button closure (it actually zips with a metal zipper on side).


Side zipper. Stitches are unraveling 😦


Sleeve detail 🙂


Beading clusters with lace 🙂


Detail of puff sleeve…


…and inside detail of puff sleeve. Notice the stiffener to give that puff some oomf!


And one more time a bodice photo :). There is no way unless I remove some ribs could I fit into this dress. *SOB*. And I dare not try to fit it on my dress form. I will try to take photos of the dress top -down so you can see the full wow of it, including the train. What I wouldn’t give to have a photo of the lucky bride in this dress. Was she truly happy? Did she have children? Was her life full? So many questions, and all I have is her dress….


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