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Cocoa Brown 1940’s Jacket


Soooo it was not scourching hot today in San Antonio! A cold front came in overnight and we woke up to some much needed crisp cool air. Magically my wardrobe choices for the day multiplied and I was able to wear a lovely vintage jacket I purchased from an Etsy store called Artistique Threads.  Such wonderful customer service BTW!

This jacket is amazing. It’s the perfect cocoa color for my skin tone. Doesn’t wash me out and goes great with my beige 1970’s thrifted skirt. I wanted to maybe try and make a matching skirt but I don’t think I can match this color. The jacket material looks like gaberdine but I don’t know for sure.


Nipped waist, epic shoulder pads, chest darts and details all scream 1940’s to my heart. I am a sucker for a nipped waist with shoulder pads.


It’s fully lined in a complementary brown shade. There is some signs of age (at her age I would have a few frays here and there lol) but totally wearable.


To be honest I felt invincible at work today with these shoulder pads. Like fashion armor.


I paired my skirt and jacket with a white blouse, which is hidden in the photo. The straw fedora was a department store clearance item (sale!) Clutch is also a thrifted find, a metal zippered crocheted cord.


The shoes I purchased from Royal Vintage Shoes, their adorable 1930’s style Evelyn Retro Oxfords. These are soooo comfortable and with my panty hose I can wear these all day and not feel like my feet are dying. I will even plan an outfit around these shoes 🙂


So that’s my outfit of the day. My fashion armor 🙂


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