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Store Bought New with Vintage Vibes

*Disclaimer* In no way shape or form was I compensated by New York and Co for this review. I purchased these items (on sale!) because I loved them πŸ™‚

So very, very rarely will I shop in a retail ready-to-wear shop for myself. I prefer to make my own clothes, or wear true vintage or treasured thrifted pieces. 99% of the time, I visually gasp at the lack of quality, design and style that some retail fashion wants to dish out, and at prices where it’s more economic for me to design and sew on my own.

Not to mention I’m tall with a long torso and a large bust and broad shoulders which means most ready to wear looks baggy on the waist if it fits my bust or if the legs are long then it’s too big everywhere else. And don’t get me started on long sleeves being too short on me or my shoulder seams about to pop with my quarterback-esque build. And who’s joking, I love classic vintage lines and style better than anything out there right now πŸ™‚

That being said, I was cruising my local mall and stopped in to New York and Co for a simple white T-shirt for lounging around in at home. I ended up finding some pretty 1930’s old Hollywood looking separates that I wanted to share with you in case you aren’t ready to commit to a full vintage wardrobe and want to dabble between worlds πŸ™‚


Tada! My black and white, old Hollywood style. Who doesn’t love classic black and white? (Beret is me-made, a 1930’s crochet pattern in cotton yarn).

Lets talk about the raincoat. (I couldn’t find the coat on New York and Co website, but here’s similar hereΒ ). Living in south Texas, one doesn’t see as much rain as I’d like. I love crisp rainy days, cloudy skies and a stylish umbrella to tote around from bookstore to yarn store. Here, most of the time rain brings suffocating humidity. Ugh. That’s why I like this raincoat. It has the raincoat material with a light weight feel.


I love the white and black contrast, the wide collar, the cinched waist with belt πŸ™‚

Like most ready to wear, I’ll have to reinforce the buttons so they don’t fall off. I don’t know why ready to wear button thread unravels so fast, threatening a button loss.


Pants (here) are wide leg, elastic waist and drawstring. I wasn’t too keen on the elastic waist at first, but it does come in handy on those days I eat my weight in food!

Blouse (here) is an adorable polka dot print with pussy bow. The sleeves have elastic cuffs which I don’t like BUT since the sleeve is billowy I just make sure cuff is pushed up and covered.

Film noir anyone? :p

Shoes are cute heels I’ve had forever from Payless, they’re T-strap spectator pumps. I’ve seen more and more style shoes like that which I’m all for. Classic!

This was my work outfit and run around town doing errands outfit. I was stopped so many times by women about my outfit and where I got it. I think more and more women are coming back to a match-y look?

On another note, I wanted to share my vintage haul from other day. Two vintage table cloths, a card of buttons, a vintage sweater pattern book and a circa 1945 Mexican fashion magazine πŸ™‚




Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish but it’s lovely pouring over the fashion photos!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚