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Another Head-to-Toe Thrifted Outfit, Green Inspired


Just wanted to share my Outfit of the Day, #ootd. I decided to wear a head-to-toe thrifted outfit (except smart watch, that was a gift from hubby lol).

Do you ever go through color phases when it comes to your wardrobe? Almost obsessing about a shade and finding yourself wearing and choosing that color almost if not daily? Ok, so I’m getting those feels with the color green. Mint green, bottle green, Nile green, emerald green, primary green. Just green! And I don’t even know for sure it looks good with my complexion, I just HAVE to wear it.


You might remember this fab wool skirt from my last blog post here. Thrifted, imperfect and now repaired. Worn with a slip I can even wear it in this triple digit heat πŸ™‚


Blouse is a thrifted find from some time back. I just LOVE the color-block colors of white, dark blue and green. I am definitively going to copy these colors for a dress one day.

Shoes are cute ankle boots that are about to be retired. They’re thrifted from awhile back and are starting to separate from the sole on the sides. They look to be early 90’s so not vintage quite yet. (I am wearing them with stockings). I can’t part with them just yet, so I hope they can last through FallΒ  😦


My hat, oh my hat. A $4 find. It looks like a cute 1950’s topper. Wool. dark green, with delicate faux leaves with green bead “berries.” And as I type this, I realize I forgot to take photos of the inside label. I believe it’s supposed to be worn on the center of the heads towards the back. I prefer tilt hats. So I pushed it forwards and tilted it πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading and hopefully you start wearing your favorite color more!




One thought on “Another Head-to-Toe Thrifted Outfit, Green Inspired

  1. I love your hat, and your shoes are so nice too! If they are leather, you should see about taking them to a cobbler. I have had many a pair of shoes that were beyond repair (I thought) that were able to be saved!
    I am going through a very neutral stage myself right now. I think I’m just getting a bit tired of all the busy patterns and colours in my wardrobe- I find myself drawn to boring beiges, browns and blacks πŸ™‚


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