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Thrifted Primary (Happy) Colors Outfit


Anyone who shops at thrift stores/antique stores know that it’s a roller coaster ride of a hunt. Most days I walk out of the thrift store empty handed. Scan, scan, scan go my eyes. But some days, if the planets are aligned, bingo!


In one day my thrift store finds: One emerald green pleated wool skirt, one white blouse with French flags, sail boats and Eiffel towers, and one plastic cord purse. YAY!

Against my better judgement, I wore the wool skirt in almost triple digit weather. I expected to me sweltering and hating it halfway through my day. But I wore a slip underneath (skirt is unlined), and I actually forgot I was wearing wool! So thumbs up for slips.


The skirt and blouse did not come without their issues (small issues). The fastening button on back of skirt waistband was literally dangling by a thread (easy fix). The blouse had a missing button on the bustline, and the other buttons looked like they were planning a coo and about to jump ship. I reinforced all buttons in less than 10 minutes.


My favorite find is the plastic cord purse (aka telephone cord purse). I searched online and popular opinion is that they were popular in the 1940’s. Maybe mine is that old? It is in almost perfect condition, except it lost it’s zipper tassel goodness knows how long ago.

I love it’s primary colors, so happy looking and easy to coordinate with other outfits.


My thrifted finds became my work outfit. It added that “cherry” on top of my day. Colors in your wardrobe are SUCH a mood lifter, I will be using these separates a lot with my other vintage/me-made clothes. I don’t know what decade I can peg this outfit in. Maybe late 1940’s inspired? 🙂


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