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1930’s Cotton Crochet Béret


Who doesn’t love vintage patterns? I purchased a wonderful pattern PDF on Etsy and the store owner asked to link her amazing website at Free Vintage Crochet. It is a TREASURE TROVE of patterns! I literally want to make everything! Collars, gloves, hats, sweaters, doilies, so many gorgeous looks.


I chose to make “Tucked Beret No. 37” from the book. There’s no noted gauge (most of the vintage patterns I come across do not have gauge). Sooo….I took a leap of crafty faith and decided on one skein of acrylic/cotton DK? yarn from Berroco. I bought it at the cutest yarn store I’ve seen called The Yarn Barn. And because I wanted to crochet, I could only find my size C/2-2.75 mm crochet hook.


This pattern took me one evening in front of the television to make from start to finish. The fun part was trying to get the beret to drape like the fashionable woman’s in the pattern picture 🙂 I don’t have a cute hat pin like her’s to hold the beret down in front so I tacked down through both layers one or two times with the same yarn.


Tada! 1930’s Summer beret done! That rick-rack trimmed blouse is a 1940’s reproduction sewing pattern from Simplicity which I blogged about here.


I love this beret. Now I want it in navy blue and black. And maybe even a hunter green. Ooooo and red!

Deer-In-Headlights Pose

This was today’s work outfit, photo taken after a 10 hour work day (wrinkly clothes disclaimer). I received so many compliments on my hat. I do think daily hat wearing should become popular again. It’s the finishing touch to your outfit! Skirt is from a vintage 1940’s skirt pattern in a red linen, and shoes are my “Dolores Slingbacks” I purchased from Royal Vintage Shoes.

IMG_9658And even though today’s temperatures reached the 90s Fahrenheit (32 C), I actually forgot I was wearing a crocheted beret. Maybe it’s due to the acrylic/cotton.


Without a hat! And I don’t know why I always forget to take my watch off for photos. Not very vintage looking with my outfit lol!

Special thanks to Ms. Debi at Free Vintage Crochet for allowing me to link her site and share the pattern photos 🙂


5 thoughts on “1930’s Cotton Crochet Béret

  1. The beret looks fab! This pattern is on my list to do too, although that list is extremely long so who knows when it will be! I promise I’m not trying to make you jealous but I have an original copy of that crochet book. I’m pretty obsessed with finding original ones now and just have to snap them up as soon as I spot one.

    Btw, the original yarn for this would be a size 10 crochet thread or a 2 ply (UK terms) and the hook would be a 2.1mm. As the yarn is supposed to be used double in this pattern you were pretty much spot on! xx


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