Monday Blahs 1940’s Yellow Linen Outfit

Picking buttons 

There’s something about Mondays. Especially when you have a great weekend prior to that Monday. The kind of Mondays that you wish you won the lottery on Saturday night 🙂

Sunday rolled around and I looked at my sewing nook. I needed an outfit to overcome Monday blahs. I had this rich sunflower yellow linen and I already had lined up this bolero/skirt set. But it was far down my mental queue of sewing projects. Three hours later and it was a finished project lol!


The bolero is from Wearing History’s Chic Ahoy pattern here. This bolero is such a great, easy pattern. The two alterations I made were gathering the sleeves at the shoulder and adding two purely decorative buttons.


The skirt is from this vintage Simplicity pattern from the 1940’s. I love the simple lines and how it drapes. I’ve made the knee length skirt several times and I will make it several more!


Tada! I love my Monday Blahs outfit. Sorry for the wrinkles, linen is so hard to keep wrinkle-free, and these photos were taken after a busy workday 🙂


Details from the bolero. Two vintage yellow bottoms that are such a good almost match.


The white blouse underneath and the yellow cloth are thrifted finds. The shoes are Payless. I tried finding the link on their website for these shoes but I don’t think they sell them anymore?


I used double fold seam binding for the side hip closure on skirt for snaps. White was the only color I had on hand for a Sunday evening. Make do and mend! But I might switch to yellow.

Shoes at work 🙂

I think I might make this outfit again in dark blue. And a linen blend instead of  just linen. Sigh. Another outfit in my queue!



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