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1940’s Ruffly Pinstripe Blouse

Here we go!

1940’s Vintage Vouge was so chic to me. Tailored, classic, timeless. I don’t see many original vintage Vogue patterns, so when I found this one I had to make a version ASAP.


I chose a blue and white pinstripe cotton fabric this first go around. Anyone who sews knows that directional fabrics take special attention. Matching patterns, lines, plaids, making sure certain florals arent upside down, etc. All are things to consider when cutting out pattern pieces and constructing a garment. This is exactly why I steer away from directional fabrics as much as possible lol!

Sleeve cuff ruffle detail

Things were going well. I don’t have a ruffle attachement for my sewing machine which was ok because the pattern directions showed me how to do them by hand :p It’s always suprising to see how much fabric gets squished into little ruffles. The collar and cuffs are all edged with those ruffles 🙂

Can you spot the mistake?

Finished! As I was taking the above photo I was so happy. It turned out lovely! Even used vintage pearly looking buttons.  Then my heart dropped. The stripes on one cuff went up/down and the stripes on the other cuff went side to side. Ugh. How did I manage to not catch that until I was done?! Internal debate ensued…pick out the entire cuff and do over, or leave be? Leave it be 🙂


Today’s work outfit! Thrifted skirt and matching belt. Blouse of course has shoulder pads in true 1940’s style.

Rogue Striped Cuff

I’m a little perturbed at the cuff-oops but overall I love the end result. So dramatic and girly. I think it would look lovely paired with linen wide leg trousers and spectator pumps.



Wearing my “Dolores Sling Backs” from Royal Vintage Shoes

I think I need to crochet myself a cotton white beret for this outfit!


Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to wear more ruffles!



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