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My Olive 1940’s Square Neck Sweater

I love sweaters. I love cool weather. Crisp evenings. Layering. But I live in south Texas where it was 99 degrees Fahrenheit today. So I have to plan and plot my cooler weather wear to be ever ready to get them out of the closet and into the light!

If I plan my knitting and crochet and keep myself to a somewhat regular schedule, I can finish a project in about 30 days. I’m not a speed knitter or crocheter by any means though!

Etsy has such a treasure trove of vintage knitting patterns, and luckily for my patience most of them are PDF files. Instant gratification ๐Ÿ™‚


Etsy shop Ickythecat is one of those lovely treasure troves. I decided on pattern 3817 from their 1940’s pattern book sold here. It’s a square neck sweater and it’s adorable. Simply adorable.

The original instructs you to embroider daisies on the front. I debated whether to add those. I’m still debating lol. Part of me loves the simplicity of the solid green.


I purchased the yarn at Michael’s craft store, it’s Loops & Threads Woolike yarn, super fine weight, in the color Olive (I originally blogged it was Sage, but I remembered it was Olive my apologies!). Needles I used were US size 2 for ribbing and US size 3 for stockinette stitch. It was such an easy knit and perfect for zoning out in front of the TV and not worrying about messing up an intricate stitch count ๐Ÿ™‚


The only alterations I did to the pattern was increase the length of the body (before the armhole shaping) by an extra half inch when doing stockinette stitches. I have a larger bust and long torso and that combo means most sweaters are too short on me. Next time I make this I’ll add an extra full inch to the length.


I want to thank Etsy shop Ickythecat for allowing me to share her pattern image and link to her lovely shop. She said they soon will be launching their own independent website with “loads of interesting stuff”, so when they do I will definitely let you all know. How exciting!



5 thoughts on “My Olive 1940’s Square Neck Sweater

  1. I love it! You are soooo good at knitting! I don’t have the patience to learn since I live in Texas too. I always admire people who can though….I will live vicariously through your knits, heehee!

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  2. What a fantastic coincidence – I bought that very booklet at a vintage market yesterday! How exciting to randomly come across one of the patterns made up while browsing blogs. It looks lovely with or without the flowers, really.

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