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1940’s Butterick Poppy Shirt Dress


I had found this lovely poppy designed cotton fabric months ago. I don’t think I can wear orange well, especially since now my hair is in transition from months of blue-black permanent dye to now rose gold blonde (it’s more orange till the next hairstylist appointment). But dang it I love this fabric and I’ll just have to make it work!

This circa 1940’s shirt dress was just the simple pattern I needed to make the poppy print stand out. I liked the short sleeve version but with the long sleeved version’s dress front without the buttons.


Except for the thread I used vintage haberdashery to include buttons, snaps and hooks. The blouse buttons up, and where the waist is there’s snaps and a hook.


An Ebay find, this cute belt buckle (can I call it a buckle?) is a rich black brown.


Blouse in progress photo. I had to re-do the collar once over and gave the pattern pieces a few choice words. But I overcame it in the end πŸ™‚ The underside of the back collar is the same fabric as the belt. This was out of necessity because I didn’t have enough poppy fabric. Make do and mend, right?


Tada! My 1940’s me-made shirt dress. I omitted the blouse pocket because I don’t like pockets on my chest. Don’t ask me why lol πŸ™‚


Floppy hat! I also nipped the ends of the short sleeves to make them puff a little bit.


The dress is far from perfect, but I love it ❀


6 thoughts on “1940’s Butterick Poppy Shirt Dress

  1. Super cute! That sort of coral orange is right up my alley, which is probably why it caught my eye. I love using vintage notions as well; I have tons of buttons, buckles, lace, and zippers from my late grandmother’s stash.

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    1. Always. I like to say it brings good “ju-ju” to my garments. My latest make has buttons and hem tape from my grandma’s stash. The tape has a few rust marks here and there from pins but I kind of like those.

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