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Vintage Simplicity Shorts- Side Buttons


Wanted to share my Mother’s Day outfit with you all 🙂 Today is such a beautiful Sunday and only 91 degrees Fahrenheit with 38% humidity…this calls for shorts!

The above pattern is circa 1940’s. And if you notice the model on the right has some epic Princess Leia hair going on 🙂

I did make the one shoulder top, but I had to grade the pattern due to my larger bust.   It was, simply, a disaster. It fits ok on bust and shoulder but the bottom floats about 3 inches from the bottom of my bust and does not hug the rib cage. I think I need to put darts on it. I just don’t know where. I’m thinking under the bust at an angle. So for now I’ll just show you the shorts. Those came out perfect 🙂


The fabric is a clearance mystery remnant. Feels like a lightweight denim. I love the slight stiffness to it, as it holds its’ shape. Looking at the photo I forgot to iron the front creases in. The color is a cherry sea foam green. I don’t own any other clothes this color and now I’m wondering why. So happy looking!

I didn’t have any thread to match so in true “make do and mend” spirit I used what I had. White thread. I still don’t know if I like the white buttonhole binding (showcases my novice button hole skills) but it will have to do for now.


Tada! Blouse is my reproduction vintage Simplicity blouse I’ve made two of already. Love that pattern.


And it wouldn’t be complete without an obligatory bathroom selfie ❤


One thought on “Vintage Simplicity Shorts- Side Buttons

  1. I love the button detail on the side of the shorts!
    As for your top that is too big around your ribcage, you could add a few darts underneath, from the waist. I am currently making a dress and having the exact same problem- it fits in the bust, but is too big around the waist. I have done some reading and they suggest, rather than making large darts which can be hard to fit, instead make two smaller darts for each side (total of 4 small darts). The maximum width for a dart is suggested to be 3/4″ otherwise it can get too pointy.
    I hope that helps, and that you are able to save your top!

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