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Vintage Simplicity Poncho Blouse


In my quest to have more separates in my spring/summer wardrobe, I brought out yet again my vintage Simplicity 1867. I’ve already made view 4 with the front peplum here with a cotton poinsettia fabric. This time I wanted to try view 2 for a simpler version and something I could wear under a suit jacket when it’s not 90 degrees Fahrenheit here :p


I chose a mystery remnant I bought awhile back, and I THINK it’s a polyester crepe? I love the results a crepe fabric gives, the drape, the softness. I don’t like sewing with it to be honest. Wiggly, stretchy and requires a lot of pins. But very worth it!


So here is view 2. The back rectangle wraps around the sides and ties in the front. The front rectangle then wraps around sides and ties in the back. Viola! You have yourself a poncho blouse. The only seams are the shoulders joining the rectangles and the back seam to get your head through.


The pattern called for bias cut fabric ties for the back and front (like the attached bow on collar) but I thought it would look bulky under a skirt. I used vintage hem tape instead since it’s thin and flat. Worked like a charm.


Side view shows more of how it wraps.



Here’s a view of the sides. I hand rolled the hems with a single thread to be as invisible a stitch as possible.


Had to wear a slip of course under it as it was really sheer.


Tada! My OOTD (outfit of the day). Me made and thrifted. Skirt is a 1940’s pattern with a vintage white buckle, thrifted shoes and purse and vintage wool tilt hat. Next time I sew up this pattern I’m going to try my hand again at crepe. Maybe after a few blouses I’ll get confident enough to do a crepe dress 🙂