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On-A-Deadline-For-No-Reason 1940’s Vintage Simplicity


I don’t know why I give myself impossible deadlines when it comes to sewing. Told myself I WOULD have a new outfit for work in less than 5 hours. Yeah. When I get the sewing bug, I don’t like to stop for the day and continue on to the next day. I like to do a creative marathon and get it done in one go. Why? I don’t know. I don’t like to stop my sewing flow perhaps!

I been wanting to try this Simplicity pattern for awhile. I actually have a really nice wine colored plaid for the trousers and a champagne colored silky weave for the blouse. But that’s very autumnal looking and it’s literally in the 90’s Fahrenheit here in San Antonio. So I picked a nice wrinkle resistant poly blend olive green fabric for trousers and a pink patterned calico for the blouse.


My pattern alterations are:

I omitted the two front bust pockets

I added three smaller buttons closer together than on the pattern

I used a button for back waist closure on trousers with a zipper

I omitted the two side pockets on trousers as I don’t like pockets on my pants to reduce bulk


I love the three darts on the cap of sleeve. Love! The shoulder pads help showcase that nicely. I am a firm believer that 1940’s garments need shoulder pads for that authentic look!


One more sleeve pic ❤


Tada! I’m 5’8″ and I didn’t have to add inches to the trouser bottoms. The one thing I don’t like about the pattern was the back zip on the trousers. I don’t like feeling a zipper in between my “ahem” butt. I prefer a side zip. Had I thought about it before I started sewing, I would have done a side zip since I omitted side pockets.


I used the size 12 and I’m a 27 inch waist and 36″ (give or take) bust, and I didn’t alter the blouse except for bust pockets and buttons.


I do apologize for the wrinkly outfit as these were taken after a long, hot and humid work day. But my victory roll inspired ‘do survived!

Overall I love the pattern. Easy to follow and I was able to get a whole outfit in about 5 hours. I look forward to Autumn now so I can make this in that plaid and champagne duo! 🙂


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