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Vintage Thrift Head-To-Toe

To me, thrifting can be very therapeutic. Call it “the hunt” but nothing seems to do the trick than finding that diamond in the rough. My eyes are trained to scan the shelves and racks, to weed through piles of junk in nano seconds while catching a glimpse of that “one great find.”


This past week had one of those days. Thrift store hopping over a course of an afternoon wielded a circa 1970’s? Canon camera, a $2 vintage front pleat skirt and two lovely black and white photos.


Also within the last two weeks I also found a pair of like-new brown heels, a $4 blush pink blouse and a coordinating $10 vintage handbag. Love the fold over clasp!


So naturally I put these together (minus the camera and photos lol) to make a completely thrifted 1940’s inspired work outfit. The hat is also a thrifted item but that was bought ages ago 🙂


I love the look. Very spring time and very cost effective! Seeing how flattering the front pleats are on the skirt has inspired me to sew some more pleated patterns.


The waist band of the skirt has the daintiest notch in the center. I would never of thought to add that, but it’s a great finishing touch.


And if you didn’t notice in the last two photos, yes I’m no longer a brunette but a blonde 🙂 Goodbye dyed blue-black hair and hello golden locks. I wanted a change for spring and I couldn’t of done a more drastic one. I had my reservations and at first was shocked at the color, but after a few days I’ve fallen in love with it!


Before I finish up this blog post, I wanted to share close ups of those two photos. I love the two ladies. Stylish, poised and not a hair out of place. The back of the photo is blank so I will probably never know their names. But I had to save this photo in their memory 🙂


The last photo is an enigma. Someone took the time to photograph a very modest kitchen. Tidied up and sparkling clean, I wonder whose kitchen this belonged to. In an age where you couldn’t delete a photo taken by accident, this one was on purpose and used precious film.

Maybe she/he was proud of their very first place? Maybe to show to their parents that they were content and doing well?


The back reads “Our Kitchen Dec 1944”. How I wish I knew they back story behind this photo. Where was this kitchen? Why take that shot? Why was this photo lost and given up for sale? Maybe I read too much into things as simple as a kitchen photo. They say a picture says a thousands words, but I think a picture raises a thousand questions. What do you think?


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