Sewing Nook in Progress

Any crafter/artist can agree with me, it’s hard to find your own creative space. Unless you are lucky enough to have your own room (I have a lovely friend in Minnesota who has her own sewing studio literally a few steps from her front door), you have to carve a space somewhere.

My sewing space was the dining table. The pros to that? Big space to sprawl out, within eyeshot of the living room TV (British crime dramas are my sewing background noise), easy to keep an eye on dinner cooking whilst sewing (multitasking PRO lol).

Cons? No place to eat dinner since fabric and notions were sprawled out on table, no privacy, always scrambling to tidy up the table when people would drop by, and if someone else was watching TV in living room they didn’t care too much for the roar of my vintage sewing machine.

So I re-examined my master bedroom. A bit of rearranging and a quick trip to IKEA resulted in my own sewing nook.


Photos were taken in the early evening which accounts for the dark exposure. This was right after I spent all day organizing and I couldn’t wait till morning to take a photo of my hard work!

Dont be fooled by the scarcity of fabric on those shelves. That’s about a 1/3 of my stash. I’ve promised myself for 2017 that I would not purchase anymore fabric until I’ve put a significant dent in what I already have 🙂


So the lamp is shaped like the Eiffel Tower (last year’s birthday gift). Haberdashery is stored in little glass catch-all containers (two are empty as I’m still organizing). Spools of my most used thread are easy to get to. Above that are my patterns that are in que. Not in any particular order though. I think seeing them in a group motivates me to hurry up and make them already!


Little monkey is holding an abacus (because he’s a bank lol), which isn’t sewing related at all but I thought he was cute and cute things are allowed on my sewing table. The thimbles were a thrifted find, a collection of ceramic loveliness. The “Sew Pretty” pincushion was and made by my sister, and I love the pun 🙂

So that’s my sewing nook. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but I’m happpy to be blessed enough to have a small corner to call my own. Happy Sewing!