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Wearing History Chic Ahoy 1930’s Beach Pajamas


Summer is already here in San Antonio, Texas. 80+ degree Fahrenheit weather calls for less layers and more air conditioning. But I don’t want to succumb to spaghetti tops, short-shorts and foam sandals (though if that’s what one likes more power to them!) I didn’t want to sacrifice vintage style, classic tailoring and fun just for comfort.

Wearing History has the cutest 1930’s beach pajama ensemble called “Chic Ahoy”. It’s a reproduction pattern looks every bit of fun I was looking for. I purchased the paper pattern as I have this    feud going on with my printer and PDF patterns are beyond my scope of patience to assemble.

Hubby and I decided to go to the 70th annual Poteet Strawberry Festival on Saturday. Today. And I decided Friday (yesterday) that I wanted to wear this to the festival. Why I give myself impossible deadlines I really don’t know.

I picked a cute cotton directional print for the halter and a crisp twill for the pants and bolero. I originally planned for linen, but I was short a yard 😦

Armed with a sewing machine and a few hours (6 to be exact) I whipped this up. At 2:30am this morning I gave up at the bolero part. It’s very easy to make but I needed sleep. When I finish the bolero I’ll post the outfit with it 🙂


The instructions were straightforward, but diagrams aren’t what one who’s used to with modern diagrams. You have to have a little knowledge about garment construction. But all the steps are there and I had no problem sewing this. I think sewing with true vintage patterns has seasoned me a bit lol!

I love how they recommended authentic vintage finishes like pinking the edges, hook and eyes, interfacing with muslin etc. I did use hook and eye closure for the inside front of pants instead of eyelets. That part is covered by the front overlapping panel and I was crunched for time.


I love my outfit! It is rather nerve racking wearing white colored anything. I was so careful not to rub up against a parked car or a building or sit on an outdoor chair.


My favorite part is the back. I used vintage buttons for halter and pants, and a vintage belt buckle for the matching belt. Just too darn cute!


Hot and humid days call for an up-do, so two braids pinned in a braid crown was perfect.


Shoes are a clearance find at Payless 🙂


Last but not least here’s a photo of me at the Poteet Strawberry Festival. Parasol is a vintage find, which was such a pleasure to have to shield my shoulders from inevitable sunburn.

I will definitely be making this again, perhaps in a blue bolero and pants set with blue and white strip halter? And this time I’ll give myself more than a day’s notice!

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