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True Vintage 1940’s Suit Coat Lovin’

Even though I love to sew reproduction clothes, I love true vintage just as much. It’s just hard being 5’8″ with a 28″ waist. With broad, quarter-back shoulders. And long waisted. And a size 8-8.5 U.S. size shoe. It’s hard to find modern clothes that fit me, so good quality vintage that fits is like finding a diamond in the rough.

If you have an Instagram, @TwoOldBeans is a great vintage store (also on Etsy). So much eye candy vintage clothes posts. Since most shoes are teeny sized 6 and clothes with waists assuming you waist trained like the women who wore them before. But oh are they gorgeous clothes!!!!! If you are one of those lucky few with those measurements, I envy you 🙂

So you can imagine my surprise when Two Old Beans posted a gorgeous suit coat. Sapphire blue with a cream color collar with embroidered trim and quarter sleeves…with my measurements!!! SOLD!!


Tada!!! It was yesterday’s work outfit and it made my work day all the sweeter. Hat is a Goodwill vintage find and the shoes are “Marilyn” from Royal Vintage shoes. This is the best pair of high heels I have ever purchased. Seriously. Comfortable, stylish, well made…I could go on and on. Customer service was fantastic too. I have my cartoon-heart shaped eyes on the Dolores sling backs in brown now sooooo bad. Time to save my pennies for the next pair! One day 🙂

I tried to find a good match fabric and color for the skirt. The suit coat is linen but I could not find a suitable blue in linen anywhere. After some internal debate I chose as close a blue color cotton fabric as possible. The skirt pattern is from the 1940’s and it’s the perfect A-line.


Collar detail: I just love the dainty trim with embroidered flowers. This trim is on the collar and sleeves. The front has two faux pocket flaps and the back of the coat is slightly longer than the front.


I still can’t believe I own this coat. It looks practically brand new even though it’s 1940’s vintage. Two Old Beans had lightening fast shipping and great customer service, and  I will definitely shop there again 🙂

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