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Simplicity Button Dress


As any fellow crafter can relate to, you wish you had more hours dedicated to your craft than to your “responsibilities”. I wish my career was sewing vintage style dresses for myself. If anyone knows how I can turn this passion into a viable business I’m all ears lol!

I purchased an orignal vintage 1940’s dress pattern which caught my eye with its waist detail. One of the reasons why I love 1940’s dress styles is the tailored details. I think a lot of modern ready to wear dresses lack those details now. Multiple waist darts, shoulder pads, sleeve detailing, decorative trims. I think these details need to come back in fashion.

I was hesitant to use a print fabric (100% cotton calico) for this dress (short sleeve version 2- the model with the cute dog at her feet), as to my eye, when you use a print you can’t see those waist darts or details. Maybe with some vintage piping to showcase the waist it would work?

Along with my vintage buttons and piping, awhile back I found at the Goodwill a pile of vintage zippers (circa 1940s-1950s) in their original packaging. 99 cents each. I bought all of them. With a little stab of guilt I opened the cellophane packaging and used a zipper for the blouse front, as instructed by the pattern.


With the zipper front, the buttons I chose to use were purely decorative. I just wanted them on this dress šŸ™‚ I attached them to the right side of the zipper on the edge so when it’s zipped up, the buttons are as close to the center as possible.


Tada! Dress complete. Made in a late night sewing frenzy, I was determined to make time for the things I love and enjoy.


There’s six sets of gathers on this dress. Two on front blouse, two on blouse back, and two on dress front.


Back two gathers on blouse. I carried the piping along back as well, it’s just hard to see in this photo.


I really think my favorite part are the sleeves. Four sets of teeny darts. I’ve usually seen gathered sleeves, but she think I prefer darted sleeves now. Gives a nice strong shoulder look that 1940’s dresses are known for. The pattern even showed one how to sew the shoulder pads with a square piece of fabric and batting for triangle pads. I don’t like spending $6+ on store bought shoulder pads, so I’m happy that I can now make my own for all my future shoulders šŸ™‚


I love this pattern. It came with the original iron-on transfers for the view 2 flower embroidery and they look unused. I think a white dress with those flowers would look perfect for spring. Hmmmm, time to make more time for sewing šŸ™‚


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  1. That is GORGEOUS! Your makes are so inspirational, thank you. If you ever come to Austin, my friend Lisa and I wanna hang out with you! We both love vintage and sewing…

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