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Vintage Simplicity Wrap Blouse


For awhile now I’ve been hunting for a classic 1940’s wrap blouse. Economic in design and easy to make, it would be right up my penny-pinching alley 🙂



Eventually I would like to make all the blouse versions, but I chose View #4 with a slashed neckline and front peplum.


I found this lovely red background with pink flowers fabric on sale. Score!


It wasn’t until I was cutting out the pattern pieces did I realize what the flowers were. Poinsettias. Christmas flowers! But seeing that I didn’t immediately think “Christmas” when I bought it, I decided to go along with the fabric. Hopefully I wouldn’t have a blouse to only wear during the holidays!


The blouse closes under the armpits with two buttons. I felt a pang of guilt removing these off the card, knowing they’ve been together so long through thick and thin. But I think these buttons were happy live up to their destiny.


Tada! Blouse finished! It was a very easy sew, easy enough I watched TV while I made it. The design is a little outside my comfort zone with the peplum (I prefer tucked in blouses), but it’s grown on me. So feminine!


Side view. You can see the vintage buttons on the sides and how the blouse wraps to the back with a bow.


Front view. The slashed collar is just perfect, and if I don’t think about it being Christmas fabric I can wear this blouse this spring!


Back view with bow. Peplum is only on the front so back view is all for the bow.


Front peplum view 🙂 I love this pattern so much. Sometimes it helps to venture out of your fashion comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite!