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Vogue 7464, My 1940s Tilt Hat View C


You know that feeling when you find a silhouette or cut  of clothing that you love? For some it’s straight leg trousers, some a flowy skirt. It’s a style that you buy multiples of, and is your go-to look. It’s like a little battery charger for your self esteem, your confidence. Mine? Well, mine is a tilt hat ❤

It might sound silly, but I think the right hat is like a cherry atop ice cream. Do you need the cherry? Nope. Do you smile when you see the cherry? Yep. It’s something like that.

Vogue #7464 seems to satiate my love for 1940’s tilt hats. I love authentically vintage hats as well, but sometimes you just can’t find the right one. Why not make it? I’ve already made View B here.

I made View C, which took me one evening. Sunday evening. Because I wasn’t looking particularly looking forward to work the next day. And a new hat helps.

Wish I had been a little more precise sewing the 6 rows of stitching on brim. Don’t rush through this part!

I chose a grey taffeta with velvety polka dots. Very decadent. The instructions  called for two buckram #8 pieces, one buckram #11 and one buckram #13. Well, I only had enough for #11, #13 and one #8 which was the brim. They stack the two #8 brim pieces together I assume for thicker stability. Panic swept over me, but as it was Sunday evening the fabric store was closed. So risk taker as I am, kept going.

Step by step instructions were pretty straight forward. I omitted the ribbon that is lap pleated over inner edge of brim at sides. I also omitted the buckram “stay” that is molded and sewn into the underside. I couldn’t see why the “stay” was added as the structure of the hat was already really stiff.


Now in the pattern photo and sketch, I could not see what the back looked like. I wish more patterns showed back views! The sketch illustration for attaching the lapped gathered ends of pattern #14 (your bow and tails) in my opinion shows the tails being sewn on to the top (right side) of the hat brim. But you have to actually sew the lapped tails to the underside of the brim. You have to literally bend the back of the brim to the top of the back of the crown and tack the brim edge to the front middle edge of crown. Then your tails will be flowing down the back.


Tada! My Monday work outfit. I sewed in a wig clip to the inside crown edge to keep the hat on. I also used a hat pin for extra insurance as it was a windy day. The bow tail looks a bit weird in the photos but it does lay flat against the back of my head.


See how I said you have to sew the tails to the underside of the brim? Then you fold the brim up in the back. img_7182


The blouse is a $5 thrift find, tag says made in West Germany. It’s 100% polyester. I love the silver threaded embroidery on the sleeves and bow. Skirt is me made from a vintage 1940’s Simplicity pattern.


I have a lovely brown tone on tone striped taffeta that I have saved for another version of this hat. I think a rich emerald green would look lovely in this pattern as well. Possibilities are endless!

3 thoughts on “Vogue 7464, My 1940s Tilt Hat View C

  1. Oh what an absolutely darling hat!!! It looks a bit witchy to me, in a very good way. (perhaps you’re a professor at a wizarding school?)
    I’m very excited to see half your house covered in hats by years end, haha!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts


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