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Something Old, Something New, Something Thrifted, Something Blue

Where, oh where, is my Autumn weather? San Antonio is still in the 80’s *Fahrenheit* during the day. Not that I’m complaining (well maybe a little), but I have vintage winter clothes that NEED wearing. NEED. If I see anyone else in shorts and a tank top a day before November I’m going to cry. We should all be wearing sweaters and hand knit scarves by now 😦

Today’s blog post is a quick one, a little blurb of an outfit I wore the other day. Like the title, my outfit’s elements has something old, something new, something thrifted and something blue!


Something “old” is my dark blue wool beret. I love this hat. Once tilted, it gives the wearing that super power feeling only a wonderful hat can give. Confidence. In the photo above you can see a small band of rhinestones.Β  A little bit of sparkly never hurt anyone πŸ™‚


Something “new” is my Simplicity 3688 trousers which I blogged about here. They are so versatile!


Something “blue” is my blue blouse I purchased from Broadway Pinups here in San Antonio. I love the matching covered buttons!


Now on to something “thrifted”. I found the most stylish vintage purse the other day. LOVE. Note the black colored plastic border on top with the little stylized flower bud.


Appreciating the details πŸ™‚


The only drawback to this purse is that since it’s a felt material it attracts lint like crazy. I had to resort to carrying a small sticky lint brush with me to roll over the outside periodically throughout the day. I felt like a lint magnet but it was well worth it.


I will also squeeze into the something “thrifted” category my $4 thrifted costume jewelry brooch. The stone appears to be jade or jade colored, and the teeny bead look like pearl. How delicate but commanding this brooch is. It has a bit of wear on the leaves, and I’m wondering what I could use to touch it up. Anyone have any ideas?


The back says “SarahCov” which is Sarah Coventry. I love vintage costume jewelry. I have another brooch of theirs as well. I found a nice article about the company on Collector’s Weekly here. I did see a few of these Sarah Coventry brooch on Ebay as well so if you want this brooch they’re still out there!

Thank you so much for reading, another Outfit on the Day in the books!



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  1. Maybe use goldleaf to touch up the brooch? Love your outfit.. again πŸ™‚ Unfortunately here in the Netherlands there is no real interest in vintage 😦 so thrift shops sell no real vintage items. I’m still looking though. (excuse my English)

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