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Vintage Crochet Pattern Blouse


This thrift/antique find this past summer is in my top 10 favorites. This book is awesome. Called The Complete Book of Crochet, by Elizabeth L. Matheson. Published by Grey Stone Press, 1946. Doilies, scarves, hats, purses, baby outfits and full sized tablecloths are all in there (though I don’t think I will ever tackle a large project like a tablecloth!) My project queue is now very long!

Up close view of the shoulder seam with snap fasteners, hidden among the shells

I chose a lovely shell patterned sweater to start with. The pattern called for wool floss. I don’t have wool floss. I don’t know what wool floss is. *Sniffle* But has that ever stopped a vintage pattern maker before? Heck no. So thank goodness the pattern had a gauge! I bought a few balls of Softie yarn at The Yarn Barn here in San Antonio. It’s 100% acrylic yarn, gauge 5.25 stitches = 1 inch with US size 6 (EUR 4 mm). I had to do a little math to get the gauge but I got it right!

If only snaps were still sold for 15 cents 😦

The pattern worked up so quick! It called for snap fasteners on the side opening on one shoulder (the other shoulder is sewn up). I thought it was a great opportunity toΒ  use some from my vintage stash πŸ™‚

The only thing about the pattern I altered was the shoulders. It called for two rows of shells along armholes. When I tried it on, it looked more like a tank top than the blouse on the photo. I had the sneaking suspicion it’s because of my broad shoulders…sigh. I ended up doing three rows around and it was perfect. Dang my broad shoulders!


And here’s the finished sweater! I paired it with my Simplicity 1940’s Old and New trousers and thrifted earrings, shoes and purse.


I love it! Might add a black colored wool version of this to my project queue as well. And maybe a butter yellow cotton yarn version for spring? Is it too early to plan a Spring 2017 wardrobe? πŸ˜€




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