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Simplicity 1940’s Old and New


I think it’s time for a Simplicity pattern family reunion!

I have been eyeing the trousers in the reproduction Simplicity’s 3688 Retro pattern. I purchased the pattern in hopes of building my Autumn vintage wardrobe, starting with interchangeable separates. I will also make the jacket and blouse, they’re already in my queue 🙂 Especially looking forward to those shoulder pads.


The blouse in this vintage Simplicity pattern is wonderful. I have already made a white cotton short sleeved version here, with a few sizing alterations (I have broad shoulders and a large bust).


Yesterday, I had a great thrift haul which included around 3 yards of a cheery yellow cotton print for 75 cents. I saw it and thought BLOUSE!


I don’t have a serger for the edges of my handmade clothes. I thought I wanted one but after researching alternate ways to finish edges, I now don’t think I’ll be buying one. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future, who knows. But for now, I’m in love with seam binding the edges. The yellow binding for the blouse was vintage, and I had just enough for the blouse. It was meant to be!


I love looking at the inside of the blouse just as much as the front. On my skill list to learn I have french seams. I will practice those and try it on my next blouse 🙂


I used a blended suiting fabric for the trousers. The instructions were straightforward and simple. I made them in under 2 hours! And yes, seam binding on the edges! I did not have any grey, so powder blue it is! Make do and mend remember?

The trousers have two darts in the front and four in the back. At first when I was sewing it I didn’t think I would like darts in the front. I was afraid it would look weird when I sat down, all poofy. But I’m happy to say I love the darts in front!


The pattern calls for a 7″ zipper. I lept for joy! I had a 7″ vintage metal Talon zipper that I thrifted for $1.


The package even had suggestions for which type of zipper to use. How lovely is that?


Does anyone else have a love for vintage packaging? 🙂


Tada! My outfit of the day, 1940’s style. I love the poofy sleeves and the vintage buttons I added. The trousers fit like a glove (I used the size 14 with no pattern adjustments).

Excuse the wrinkles after a day of work!

I love the yolk and the gathers. It’s the little details I love 🙂 I made the blouse and trousers last night, and in all I think it took me about 5 hours (while watching TV of course).


Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you!



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  1. A Hong Kong finish looks so much better than any serged seam. On threads insider (threads magazine) there are some hints on how to make them lie flat even on curved seams. Worth a look! Also, HK finishes add a tad less fabric to the seam allowance (3 instead of 4 layers) so it’s slightly less bulky. And imo they look best in a contrast fabric, your blue on the grey is lovely. Fab outfit!

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