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TwoThrift Stores, One Haul

After work and grocery shopping, thrift store hopping was not on my list. Today’s high in San Antonio was 91 degrees Fahrenheit. For me that means sweating from the car to the supermarket entrance. On these days I want to stay as close to an air conditioner as possible and avoid the blistering sun. I yearn for “sweater weather” and crisp, Autumn days. Sigh. I will be patient.

But something, SOMETHING told me to stop at two of my frequented thrift stores. It was near the supermarket anyway, and as long as I could find parking as close as possible to them, it was a plan.

So 1 afternoon + 2 thrift stores = thrift haul. And you wouldn’t believe my total for the entire haul. Guess. Nope. It was $15 and some change. Serious. The winds of thrift luck were in my favor πŸ™‚


Two blouses, a pair of thigh high black stockings, one plaid skirt, a hand knit cardigan from Norway and a pair of heels. Not too bad, especially all for the price of lunch for two at a fast food place (which I love but today was a thrift day not a fast food day lol).


The skirt is about 4 inches past the knee on my 5’8″ frame, in the prettiest autumnal plaid. I was looking for a sleeveless, thin blouse that I could wear under a cardigan. Since I willed it, I found it. πŸ™‚


The other blouse is such a sweet style. I love the covered buttons and ruffles in the front. This will be one of my go-to blouses I already know it.


Now for the cardigan. Oh my I’m in love. The craftsmanship of this is wonderful. Such even tension! The colors are so cheerful and I went over the entire piece and could not find one stain, one rip, nothing. I haven’t a clue as to why this was taken to a thrift store, but whoever it was, thank you.


The tag says “Handmade in Norway, Husfliden. Bergen. 100% Virgin Wool, Moth Proof”. I have a hunch the buttons are pewter, and they are all accounted for! I don’t know if this is vintage. If it is vintage it is in remarkable condition.


And as a knitter, I had to share the inside of this creation. Just as neat as the front! #knittinggoals.


Last but definitely not least, the shoes. They look very 1980’s does 1940’s in my opinion. They feel like velveteen. I adore the gold colored studs all the way around and the bow.


The tag says “Beverly Feldman“. The company still makes shoes today, and some cute handbags! I also scored a never-worn pair of thigh high black stockings for 50 cents!

For all the days of thrifting when I would come home empty handed, today made up for it. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “TwoThrift Stores, One Haul

  1. Like I mentioned, I’m gonna magic to Texas and shop with you.
    Oh the inside of the sweater is lovely ❀ I feel ya on craving fall weather, it was 68F today in San Diego, then it shot to high 70's, and back to high 60's. So lets hope I don't get sick.

    But congrats on your awesome haul! Hoping you have more luck in the future!

    Carla,Β Tiny Angry Crafts

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