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When Your Shoes Just Make Your Day


Today was a good day. Work went well. It wasn’t 110 degrees Fahrenheit outside (only about 81 degrees lol). I remembered to wear panty hose, a must when one wears heels all day in my opinion. And my curl set lasted all day. Was almost tempted to push my luck and buy a lottery ticket!


Today’s skirt was my vintage Hollywood pattern which I blogged about in my Vintage “Hollywood” Skirt Pattern.

It is SUCH a comfortable skirt, and the length is perfect.

Wrinkly skirt alert! Promise it was not like that at the beginning of my day…..

The back has a cute little pleat as well. My blouse is thrifted, a nice long sleeve cotton crew neck. It’s simplicity reminded me of the Sweater Girls look in the 40’s and 50’s. If only I had a torpedo bra! I would wear that all the time! (It’s on my wish list).

My vintage wool beret was a bad choice for today. It was nice and cool this morning nut by mid day it felt like there was an oven on my head. But I loved how it looked with the outfit. No sweat no gain I suppose?

Peak of my thrifted plastic purse with pressed flowers

I did have to share my latest thrifted find, vintage ( circa 1950’s?  ) Seymour Troy-Troyling heels for $3. No joke, $3. From what I can gather they are alligator. I have never owned a more comfortable pair of heels. They mold to the feet so well, no rubbing or chafing (I do think wearing panty hose helped as well).


What floored me when I found them was not only the price or amazing condition they were in, but that they FIT my size 8 U.S. (sometimes 8.5) feet! It was like the score of the year almost. I hugged them. Yep. I hug shoes.


I want this style in black, red, cream…..sigh!


So that is my OOTD, outfit of the day!

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