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Work In Progress-Treadle Sewing Machine


Last week I finally found a treadle sewing machine. WOOHOO! My mother owns a few treadles, mostly from Singer. I remember sewing on them when I was a teenager, and quickly fell in love. There is something very rhythmic about guiding the peddle up and down, getting just the right timing and getting into the groove.

I met a lovely woman who was selling this bit of history. It is a White Rotary brand. She said it belonged her to her mother in law who then passed it down to her. She said her mother-in-law taught her how to sew on this machine, and she then made her children’s clothes with it. She said years and years ago it was in a flood which is why the wooden cabinet is warped. She still had the tin of sewing machine attachments! I had such a lovely time meeting this woman and her husband, and it was a real treat to get to hear about the history of a machine. How often do we find a vintage or antique machine at a thrift store and never get to know it’s life story?


For now the cabinet is too damaged for the machine to safely sit in it. The machine itself has seen better days. One can still make out the outline of flower bouquets under the rust and wear. When I turn the wheel it still operates though, and I know it’s just waiting for repair!


It still has it’s plate which is awesome.


The iron legs are still in good shape, as is the pedal. You can still make out some bis of gold colored paint on the word “White”. I can’t wait to refinish and paint that!


Tin of attachments! Like a box of candy!

This will be a very long labor of love. I think of the rust and wear as wrinkles. We will do our best. From what my mother could research with the serial number it most likely dates from about 1914-1917. If I was this old I wouldn’t look new either 🙂


I also wanted to share my latest thrift/antique store find. It’s an Art Deco/Style Moderne looking mirror. Very heavy. Still haven’t figured out where to hang it. Just knew I had to come home with it!


Back of mirror. I’m rusty with German but I believe it says “Hand faceted-Crystal Mirror Glass.” I don’t know the age of it, but that’s ok. I still love it 🙂