Vintage Simplicity Toile-YIKES!


Part Two of my vintage Simplicity blouse 🙂

I’m not the most patient of sewers. I don’t care for cutting out pattern pieces, marking darts and using tailor tacks, ironing fabric. I love the sewing and creating and wearing! I’m embarrassed to say I do not make a toile (or mock up) of every pattern I sew. Most modern patterns and the vintage reproduction ones are almost if not perfectly spot on to my body. Authentic vintage patterns are hit and miss. I have a long torso, broad shoulders and a busty-bust with a small waist. These vintage patterns sometimes need tweaking.

I purchased muslin for $1.99 a yard (I think it was on sale so it was probably less), and went to work. The instructions were shall I say sparse. It assumes one has a working knowledge of dressmaking with minimal pictures and diagrams. Nothing I can’t handle though, I just had to read aloud several sentences a billion times to figure out what it wanted me to do 🙂


From start to finish it took me about 3 hours (while watching TV of course). I omitted the buttons and buttonholes, as when I tried it on I knew it was a dud. I couldn’t wear this toile 😦


The blouse is about 4 inches too short, and I can barely tuck it in. If I raise my arm the hem would untuck and it would be practically a crop top! (I’m wearing it with my lovely, newly made Vintage “Hollywood” Skirt Pattern.)

This time I made the skirt in a yummy dark plum linen blend. I have enough to make the bolero that might be next on my machine….but let’s get back to my toile blouse…..



Looking at the darts in the envelope illustration, they end at the waist. Mine go up into my bust. Hmmm. And the armholes are too small, they are right up into my armpit. I will have to enlarge those.


I like how the back looks! Maybe I can knit a smart looking vest and wear it over this. It still won’t help my itty bitty armpit holes though.

All in all it’s an easy pattern. Once I understood the instructions it was easy sailing. Now I know what to alter for the next round 🙂


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