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Vintage Simplicity Blouse-Work in Progress


I wanted to start by sharing my newest sewing buddy, my dressmaker’s form. Hubby bought it for me after watching me struggle to try on every piece of clothing as I sewed along. I am over the moon happy. Now I can sew more efficiently, which in theory means I can sew more clothes. Yassss….

I also had to take my vintage Nelco to my mother’s to get tuned up. The bobbin thread wasn’t catching the top thread (timing issue), which she magically made work. LOVE my mother. Here’s a photo of it in the back seat of my vehicle, seat belt and all. Safety first!



Labor Day is today in the States and I relished the afternoon. As I mentioned before I’m lacking foundation separates in my me-made wardrobe. As Fall approaches I wanted some skirts and blouses that I could interchange and wear with cardigans. Time to sew!


I’m completely in love with this 1940’s(?) pattern, a vintage Simplicity. I see alot of blouses in my future. The intructions have only 5 total illustrations for how to sew the blouse. Ahh, vague vintage instructions how I love and hate thee at the same time. I’m going to need to really scratch my head for this one 🙂 As I unfolded the pattern pieces I noticed a cursive, penciled name on each and every one. Maxine Marrick. Thank you Maxine for not losing any of the pieces and for keeping them almost pristine. Decades later I’m just as excited as you are to create this!


Makes one wonder though, why did Maxine feel compelled to write her name on each piece? Did she sew with friends and thought it was a great way to keep track of her pattern? Did she have a sister who also sewed and kept going into her pattern stash, and by Maxine writing her name on each one told her sister “Hey that’s mine!”? We shall never know….


Last but not least my Outfit of the Day, my Patterns by Gertie So it all started with a dress… Butterick 6094. I’m wearing my new to me vintage hat and whispy, not-going-to-cooperate updo. Maybe one day I’ll perfect the ultimate vintage chignon 🙂

Have a great holiday and also be creating!




4 thoughts on “Vintage Simplicity Blouse-Work in Progress

  1. Maybe you should name your dress form Maxine! That blouse looks lovely – – I have just cut out the pieces of that simplicity Weskit blouse, inspired by you! I’m hoping to start sewing on it in a little while…

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  2. I’m doing a light greyish blue chambray with turquoise polka dots—a fabric I won in a giveaway from Gertie. I’m getting close and am pretty excited to try it on soon! If it fits well, I’d like to make a bazillion more. There’s something so flattering about 50’s blouses!

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