1930’s Style Stripes…And Fedora

Hi! Just wanted to share my OOTD, Outfit of the Day…for yesterday. It was a perfect work outfit (except the heels which by the end of the day were making my feet hurt VERY much).

Separates are the under appreciated heroes of our closet. They are like the potatoes to a stew, they extend the wardrobe and satisfy our hunger for a “new” outfit…that we had all along!


I would like to think of this as a 1930’s inspired outfit. Wide leg trousers, fitted tee, hat tilted “just so.” All I needed was a 1930’s Rolls-Royce Phantom in a high shine black and I would be ready for a gay day out (hey I can dream can’t I?) 🙂

The trousers I made from How to Do Fashion No. 7 VANLØSE. I want to make these in a light weight wool (perhaps burgandy?) and a suiting fabric for Fall. I may even do a white linen for spring/summer.


My blouse is an Old Navy tee I purchased awhile back, and I could not find it on their web page to link it for you 😦  Banana Republic has a nice looking striped tee here that I think could work well with a pair of thirties inspired trousers.

And on to the fedora. There is something about a fedora that just bestows confidence on the wearer. Not only is it stylish, but I found it functional as well. Here in San Antonio it’s been a very hot and humid summer. I wear sunglasses but when I’m literally melting off my makeup my sunglasses slide down my nose, and sweat gets into my eyes. Mind you I’m not exercising. This happens when I walk from the store to my vehicle.

A good, utilitarian, goes-with-almost-everything fedora will be your best friend. Don’t feel like doing your hair up? Secure it in a low bun, wear some dainty earring and throw on a fedora. Tilt it to one side and viola! You’re done. My fedora shields my eyes from the sun in place of my sunglasses, and the sweat band on the inside absorbs those dastardly salty drops.

Vintage earrings, a antique store find 🙂

I bought mine at Target earlier this summer. Again, I couldn’t find this exact one on the website, but I found two there that I would totally buy. A straw fedora and a lovely herringbone white and black cotton fedora. Possibilities! More people should wear hats besides a ball cap (though I do like to wear a ball cap at a baseball game!)

Thanks for reading!