How to Do Fashion No. 7 VANLØSE


When the lovely Nanna at How to Do Fashion offered to send me some of her gorgeous patterns, I of course said YES! I have been admiring her designs of her website here for some time now. Simple, elegant and glamorous. Who wouldn’t want to sew a outfit from a pattern like that?

I received my patterns in the mail. Post was quick as well. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who can appreciate the wrapping of a present, or the bag that a shopping store gives with their items that you purchase, or the way a makeup item is packaged, or a dessert that’s presented so beautifully that you almost don’t want to eat it. Those little details do so much. How To Do Fashion’s patterns come in a folder, with printed folded patterns on paper, supply list and a cute garment tag to sew on your finished product. The folder has a cute ribbon bow tied across the front as well.


No. 7 Vanlose reminds me of those 1930’s screen sirens of old Hollywood. Slinky, almost liquid outfits, moody eyes, perfectly curled locks. I did not have a pair of thirties’ style womens’ trousers, so I knew I’d like to have a go at this one.


When I unfolded the pattern paper I noticed the pattern was printed on both the front and back of the paper. How was I to cut out the paper pieces? I asked myself. I messaged How to Do Fashion and was told she always traces the patterns so the original is intact. Ah-ha! Me being used to the tissue paper patterns and having to cut them out, tracing was a new skill to me. Off to the store I went and for a few dollars I purchased my first tracing wheel and tracing paper. Tracing took as much time as cutting a tissue pattern out. I think I will use the tracing method from now on, and I can extend the life of my beloved patterns.

Instructions I found online on the How to Do Fashion website. They were simple to follow and had plenty of pictures on the construction steps. I did not print out the instructions but kept it open on my laptop. One of the steps was to make a hand knitted loop for button closure on the blouse. There was a link with a photo on how to make one. Thank goodness. It was my first time making one and it was easy. There is also a video link on setting in the zipper.


About 6 hours of sewing gave me a beautiful outfit! I used a silky-feel polyester material and loved the drape. It was my first time using a bias cut for the blouse and I love the result. I did make one alteration to the fit. I lengthened the trousers by 2 inches. I’m 5’8″ without shoes, and since I knew I was going to wear these with heels I increased the length.

My measurements are 32 D and 27 inch waist. I used the size 6 US in the pattern sizes.


Now before you wonder why my hair looks horrid, it is a rainy day here in San Antonio. Raining in Texas brings humidity. My curls were reduced to limp sadness in less than a few hours. Wahh.


Another example of how my hair hates humidity 😦


I am very happy overall with my outfit. In the future I am going to experiment and use a crepe fabric. Maybe a salmon color?


The crochet clutch I am holding I made in an evening. The pattern is from “The Complete Book of Crochet” by Elizabeth L. Matheson, reprinted September 1946. I altered the pattern slightly and made it more rectangular than square. It only mentioned “trim flap as desired.” I noticed the flap in the photo had sparkly bits. I used a sequined ribbon and wove it through in a few rows. TADA! A 1940’s purse to go with my 1930’s inspired outfit.


Thanks for reading, and thank you to Nanna at How To Do Fashion for the opportunity to create one of her lovely designs!


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