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Hat and Gloves? Why yes!


There is something about the clothes one wears that can transform a mood. I know I do not speak for everyone, but for me when I wear a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, I’m just blah. I slouch in my chair, I’m not thinking about my hair or if my lipstick needs reapplying. I just AM. And those days are welcome, especially for relaxing. BUT, for me, I can’t be like that every day. I have this urge to wear a red lipstick, to dress well, to do my hair. In a nice outfit, I stand up straighter (with my mother’s voice in the background, “Stand up straight! Don’t clump in heels, GLIDE!”) and I carry myself just a little more gracefully.

Today was one of those days! Even though San Antonio was yet again very hot, dressing up is always a good choice. The cherry on the top of my sundae-outfit was this lovely vintage 1950’s hat I purchased from Etsy store 2craftysissys. It came perfect in the mail and quickly too. Two thumbs up for 2craftysissys! I knew it was going to be a great summer hat. The black trim and bow I believe might be patent leather. The body of the hat looks like a very fine weave straw? I’m not very schooled on vintage millinery, but I do appreciate the finished product. It holds it shape well like a strong headband, and it even fits my unusually large noggin’.

I think I should’ve worn it a bit more forward on my head now that I look at the photos. Two strategically placed bobby pins kept this on my head, and stayed on a afternoon while I worked. Has anyone else seen vintage photos of a crowd of people? Ever notice that most if not all the men and women are wearing hats? What the heck happened in fashion that we don’t wear hats anymore? Such a shame! We should start a fashionable hat wearing movement!

The vintage gloves I found at an antique store this year for just a few dollars. I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was a young woman in the 1950’s she always wore gloves, and she even had an extra pair in her purse just in case her first pair got dirty. I just think gloves do so much for an outfit. I was a bit apprehensive to wear them in this Texas heat for fear I would sweat all over them, but after awhile I forgot I had them on. I definitely will be wearing gloves more often.

I’m thinking in this photo, “Chocolate shake or salad for lunch? Hmmmm…”


Detailed view of my hat. Love it 🙂


My skirt is me-made and self drafted with vintage buttons on faux front tabs, the blouse is a few seasons back Express, and the shoes I purchased from Payless. Those white and black shoes I could not find on their website anymore but I did find them in all black here. I might buy the all-black pair as well! The velvety purse and gold toned necklace are antique store finds.

I felt very proper and lady-like today, and I loved every minute of it!


I did want to share a story of mine. I met a kindred spirit last week, a wonderful woman who has been sewing for over half a century. We went fabric store hopping, shared our collections of vintage patterns and lamented how clothes aren’t tailored like they used to be. When I told her I do all my button holes by hand, she surprised me with this 1960’s vintage buttonholer. I love out new friendship and every time I use this little gem I will be reminded of her 🙂

IMG_4522I will do a blog post when I use this darling attachment, so you all can see how it works. My friend did show me how to use it, but watching a pro and doing it yourself are two VERY different things! I will try my best though and go through alot of scraps in the process!


Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Hat and Gloves? Why yes!

  1. Such an elegant outfit- I love that hat. And that is such a sweet story about the button hole attachment! (I love the green case it comes in too).
    I also just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you in a blogger tag that was started by Victoria of Ruffles and Grace Blog. It’s called “Get to Know Me, 4 Things”. I have my post up on my blog today, so you can see what it is all about. I wasn’t sure whether you liked these kind of tags, but in case you do- consider yourself tagged 🙂
    Hope your day is fabulous!
    The Artyologist

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