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A Summer Drive, 1940’s Style


So let me just say that today was AMAZING. I had the awesome experience in being driven around in a 1948 Dodge Fluid Drive, 3 speed. The owner is a friend of the family, and was gracious enough to take me around in this beauty. The owner’s grandfather bought it brand new in 1948 and it has stayed in the family ever since. After about 2 years of restoration, the current owner is one proud papa. I’m truly in love with that car. I have to admit that it was strange driving around without seat belts (cars didn’t come with seat belts back then). But the thrill of excitement quickly over powered any apprehension I had about vehicle safety 🙂


Those lines! That color! The current owner says the color is the original color as well. I now have a new goal to add to my ever growing wish list. Right next to “Visit Paris” and “Buy a quaint cottage in the English countryside” is now “To own a vintage car”. Le sigh. One day.

Poofy tail on bottom right belongs to my Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix!

My outfit today is a vintage Young Edwardian brand (care of Vintage Fashion Guild), found at a second hand boutique. I can’t remember what I paid for it but it wasn’t a lot. It is immaculate and it was only missing its’ belt. I had forgotten that I was missing the belt until I wanted to wear it today. Of course. No worries though. In a pinch a red ribbon works just fine. The front has two front hip pockets which I just adore, fits my cell phone perfectly.



I like the red piping contrast to the white dress, and the embroidery details in the left bust panel. Details that just MAKE an outfit pop. My necklace today was found an antique store for $6. Only $6!


I do have to show my pin curls BEFORE the humidity got to them. I still need to perfect my curl set. Practice makes perfect. I was toying with the idea of getting a perm, but when I think of perm I think 1980’s big hair. Not that 1980’s big hair is wrong, it’s just not my style. And with my fine textured hair I’m scared. But who knows, never say never.

Lipstick is of course my new favorite shade-of-the-moment, “Fire & Ice” by Revlon. Such a great orangey-red for summer.

So that was my day. Wore a great vintage outfit while driving in a gorgeous vintage car with the windows down, feeling like a million bucks. Life is good.

Thanks for reading!