Vintage Tutti Frutti Dress

An afternoon trying on glasses, for no reason!

So there are outfits that you have to wear and outfits that you WANT to wear. This is my want to wear outfit!

I went to Montage, a vintage clothing store in San Antonio over the weekend. I found the cutest clothes there, met great staff and even enjoyed a complimentary iced coffee (they were having a sale!). Today’s outfit is what I named my Tutti Frutti dress, a 1960’s shift that’s too adorable for words. It has that go-go boot, colored tights, beehive hair vibe. I don’t have a pair of sixties’ go-go boots (yet) so I wore my thrifted Goodwill heels.

Fruit appliques!

On one side it has three fruit appliques. I was thinking I could match tights to the fruit, green and yellow. Maybe even pink? BUT, not yet. It is in the triple digits (Fahrenheit) here in Texas and I will pass on tights till Fall πŸ™‚

So my grandmother said in the 1960’s when you wore these short mini dresses one had to wear matching panties. Hard to imagine my sweet, innocent grandma in mini skirts but I know she rocked them and wore them wonderfully! I myself am a bit self conscious and wore a pair of shorts underneath…just in case lol!

I’m going to visually dissect the dress soon and figure out a way to draft a pattern. I want this dress in white with flower appliques and maybe green with leaf appliques? Possibilities are endless!

Husband had to go to the optometrist today and buy contacts, so of course I browsed the endless frames. Thanks to my mother’s insistence when I was a child to make sure I ate all my carrots, I have great vision. Last time they were checked I was told I had pilot’s vision whatever that means. Good? Dang it. I want glasses. But not just any glasses, but a particular Zac Posen burgundy cat eye frame *swoon*!

New glasses and button details of dress

And what did husband do? He bought me those frames! I myself could not justify buying a pair of glasses for the sake of fashion. But luckily husband knew I wanted those sooooo much. I think I’m going to wear them every day now!




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  1. Those glasses (and the dress) are so great! As a prescription glasses wearer, I wish I could just choose to wear glasses instead of having to wear them πŸ™‚ Enjoy wearing yours!
    The Artyologist

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