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Levi Jeans and Wonder Woman Kind of Day!

Middy ‘do and Wonder Woman 🙂

Today just felt like a jeans kind of day. It’s my work-from-home-then-run-errands kind of day. But I did still curl my middy ‘do and put on some falsies! The lipstick is Revlon’s Fire and Ice, which some say the color has been around since 1952? Iconic color! It’s a great summer red and with my yellow undertones works great.

I purchased the Levi high rise 501 Original Button Fly Jeans a few weeks ago. I love them. Not as high as I wanted (please make them just a bit higher Levi Co!) but cute nonetheless. I folded up the legs a bit as well.


I love how they’re not too tight on the thighs and don’t gap in the back when I sit down. The belt is Goodwill thrifted (of course!)  The vintage-esque
“Sinclair” red wedges are American Eagle/Payless Shoes and I found them on sale for only $20 yesterday. Score!

Please ignore the not perfect pedicure 🙂

My Wonder Woman tshirt I purchased at Hot Topic recently with their tshirt sale. I couldn’t find that exact shirt on their website to link for you, but I did find another cool one that I might pine for as well. I’m wearing the XS size.

So that’s my quick Outfit of the Day!


I did want to share real quick my latest Goodwill find, a mid century modern lamp for only $5.99! I was cruising past the lamps and came to an abrupt halt. YASSSS. I love the wooden neck. I’ll need to find the proper lamp shade and shape for it, thinking cylinder? Any suggestions?


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