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My Vintage Remnant Novelty Skirt


So weeks back my dear mother gifted me yards and yards of fabric. She knows the way to my heart! Among the yards was a remnant. Vintage cotton, wrinkled but in fabulous condition. On one side it was already cut at an angle, so I know SOMEWHERE there is a skirt made from this.

The print is a scene of acrobats? and they’re taking turns balancing on stilts. If you look at the photo it’s girl/boy/girl/boy. Along the bottom little stilt riding people (to use as the waistband) and below them were printed instructions on how to make the panels into a skirt. Brilliant. I want to become a textile designer and design novelty skirt fabric with instructions ON the fabric. Anyone want collaborate???? I’m serious this is amazing.


After carefully cutting out the panels I counted. Only 8 panels. UGH. Not enough for a twirly skirt. I dug through my stash and weighed my options heavily. I did have a cadet blue broadcloth and red cotton. But I wanted the printed panels to “pop”. I laid a black cotton next to it and bam! Found my 8 other complementary panels.

So while watching the original, and in my opinion the best ever “Sabrina” movie (Audrey and Bogard *swoon!*) I whipped up this skirt. I used the little stilt peope border print as my waistband, and added a large hook and eye closure. DONE!

Acrobat Skirt DONE!

I think it’s so whimsical! I think come cooler months (as I lament the three digit summer we are having here in Texas) I will wear it with a slim black turtleneck.

Panel Details…

I am wearing my trusty petticoat for oomph. I think I twirled several times today already. So from sitting in my stash to being transformed into what it was meant to be, two thumb up!


Happy 4th of July my fellow vintage enthusiasts and stay cool!



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