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Collins Of Texas Box Bag and More!


So when I watch an episode of Mad Men, I get inspired. Inspired to wear blue eye shadow, frosted lipstick and the longest pair of eyelashes I can find. Inspired to own a high rise condo decked out in Mid Century Modern amazing-ness and have sexy sophisticated cocktail parties. Well, I can at least have some of those things right? Drum roll please……my $5.99 Goodwill shift dress, teased for miles hair and vintage store second hand earrings. It was my going-out-to-dinner outfit and I felt very Betty-Draper glamorous. Where’s Don when you need him?


I must admit that the quasi beehive hair was tricky. With my shoulder length hair I think I used about 30 bobby pins and endless clouds of Aqua Net hairspray. Can never have too much hairspray for a 60’s inspired ‘do!


I do love the gold colored trim and turquoise beads. I swear I hummed Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” while getting ready 😛


I do want to share my latest thrift find, a Collins of Texas Box Bag. Dates from the 1950’s or 60’s. I got it for $17.50. One of the hummingbirds is missing a red tummy and the other missing an eyeball. The interior is immaculate and the mirror has zero cracks. I’m enamored. So whimsical! Of course I went straight to the craft store and bought craft jewels that went as close to the originals as possible. Now i want to start a collection of these!


Luckily the white and red flowers are all attached. How cute is this purse?


Here’s my fixed purse on it’s first day out and about! I wore my Simplicity 1940’s reproduction pattern blouse #1692 that I blogged about here. Skirt is Me Made pattern from a $3 thrifted picnic blanket. I promise my hair was curlier and bouncier at the start of the day. Dang Texas humidity.


Here’s a full outfit shot in one of the several antique stores I browsed today. My shiny and tired face was due to the store not having central air conditioning. Not that it would stop me from hunting for a deal, but phew it was hot!


I HAD to share this vintage TV I spotted today. Isn’t it AMAZING?! If someone made this style TV new and in color I would totally buy one! I must’ve petted and caressed that TV at least 3 or 4 times before leaving it there.


I did want to share the coolest record/CD/cassette/video game store I’m come across in San Antonio, Propaganda Palace. Staff were so nice and quick to help, with a huge selection of vintage goodies. I could of easily of spent hours in there thumbing through records. If you’re ever in SA I recommend a trip!

I also went to a really cool vintage clothing shop, and I will post my vintage haul soon with lots of pictures and outfits. Have a great weekend!