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Day at the Flea Market


So Texas and I have this love/hate relationship. My curls hate the humidity. The photo above was after about an hour of flea market sleuthing. Bouncy curls now blah. But I had a cute outfit to console me. The patterned jeans are my me-made Patterns By Gertie Butterick 5895 and Butterick 5895, Smart Stripes, link to pattern here. I didn’t roll these up like the pattern calls for and wore them more like pedal pushers. I love these so much. Also wore my thrifted eyelet blouse, Hobby Lobby heart cut out plastic tote, Ross sandals and belt from Broadway Pinups.  

Even though it was a really hot and humid day I still haggled like it was going out of style. Something about haggling that makes me happy. I like the banter back and forth. My husband doesn’t care for it and I think it makes him a bit uncomfortable. Anyone a haggler out there? Is the art of negotiating a price dying out?


I really don’t think one can go to a flea market without seeing a vintage dish or two. I came across a great selection at one of the vendors, but unfortunately they were a bit too expensive for me. So I just felt content admiring from afar.


I didn’t pick this cutie up, but I had to snap a photo. Very 70’s in my opinion. I don’t know the manufacturer or the date, but I know it will make a collector very happy.


Also spotted a what I think is a “reel-to-reel”. Aside from a few dents and cracks it looked in pretty good condition. First time I saw one in the “wild”!


There was also a classic car show going on and of course I drooled and drooled. After drooling a bit I came across a gorgeous cherry red car with delicious food. Much to my dismay as I got closer I realized it was all plastic. Cue that I needed lunch!

In my next post I’ll share my vintage finds, including a mid century children’s cookbook, two tins of sewing machine accessories and a cat headed cookie car that I’m completely in love with.


After the flea market was the thrift store. I came across the prettiest vintage vanity that broke my heart that I couldn’t take home. (I need a room just for vintage vanities!) It even had the mirrors intact! Even husband said, “That’s really nice but no it’s not coming home there’s no room.” Dang it. Why does he have to be the voice of reason?!


Even the handles are adorable and all intact!!!! SWOON…….


After a long, sweaty day of treasure hunting it was really nice to come home to air conditioning and a shower. I had to share what I call my oasis. Sky blue walls, mismatched accessories and tons of kitschy-ness.

Thanks for reading and until next time! 🙂