How I Do My Middy ‘Do!

The Middy haircut and style. Elizabeth Taylor is the first actress that pops into my head when I think of the middy. Wikipedia has a great photo of her in a red dress with her hair just absolutely FABULOUS. That’s exactly what I wanted. Angled in a “U” shape in the back, light gradual layers in the front around face, curled, teased, shaped and sprayed! Classic, iconic and feminine.

I have been growing out an inverted “Victoria Beckham” bob for about a year now. I loved that style at the time and I rocked it for about a year and a half. Then I decided I wanted longer hair. Oh my slow hair growth. Vitamins, scalp massages, sparingly blow drying and limiting the use of hot tools, NADA. Still grew slow. Like watching a pot of water get to boiling. Guess one has to deal with the cards dealt to them!

A year of growing out that cut and my hair now reached my shoulders. It was uneven of course due to the inverted bob. I went to Stephanie E. at Ross Hair Salon and explained my hair history and my goal. I showed her photos of Elizabeth Taylor and Lana Turner and explained to her what a middy haircut (similar to a shag haircut) was. She was up for the challenge and met it perfectly! And just a note, everyone at Ross are super nice and very eager to listen and care about what you want. Love it.

Slightly damp hair after my “Middy” haircut

Here is a photo of my “AFTER” with my middy haircut. Slightly damp hair and NO MAKEUP. EEK! And you can see the rosacea on my cheeks! It is hard to tell in the photos but the face layers are 3″ and 4″ from my face and then 4″ to 4″-5″ down the middle of the back of my head and then back up the other side. I also have the 4″-5″ gradual layers as well.


So first, the tools. First, bobby pins. I don’t know where these little suckers disappear to, but I can’t keep them around to save my life. So I buy alot of them. These are what I use to hold my curl when it’s cooling.


Next is my “Curly Sexy Hair” 24/7 Curls Instant Set Curling Spray here . I purchased it about two weeks ago and I love it. It helps set my curls without weighing them down and doesn’t make my hair sticky or crunchy. I have read some reviews that complain about the smell but I think it smells fine. Smells like hair product to me.

Like Romeo and Juliet, a love story of a couple

Next is my fav hairspray which is the only one I will purchase, my Aqua Net. I just can’t find another hairspray like this. If anyone knows of a spray that rivals this and the budget friendly price, let me know! Until then, I love my Aqua Net.

I use my 3/4″ curling rod to curl my hair. I know alot of vintage women out there wet set their hair (finger curling or curling their hair while wet and letting it dry over-nite), but I can’t get my hair to dry like that. I always wake up with damp curls. Maybe I haven’t been doing it right, but I just can’t perfect the technique. So curling and pinning is my style of choice.

Yes, I spelled “set” wrong. I was thinking “setting” when writing bu “sett” came out.

Here’s my fancy hand drawn diagram of how I do my hair. Is it the right way? Probably not. Is it the way you should do it? Probably not. Will you get the same results as me? Maybe, maybe not. You will have to experiment with products and setting patterns based on your hair type, hair cut and preference. This is a hairstyle that you have to want SOOOOO bad that you’ll invest time and effort in perfecting. My middy haircut is NOT a wash and wear ‘do, it’s a cut made for curls and a style. So be warned, it’s a commitment.


Here’s the top of my head. All the curls are held with bobby pins to allow to cool. I take 1-2″ sections of hair, spray with setting spray, curl downward and horizontally (making sure not to twist the hair), pin the curls in place to allow to cool, and give one light dusting of Aqua Net. I parted my hair where I wanted the finished style to part.


Left view. All curled downward. Not perfect. I’m still experimenting with curl patterns.


Right view. After I’m done curling I get my makeup on and get dressed, which in total takes me about 45 min max. Then I take out the pins. I’ve kept in the pins for two hours once to see if it made any difference and I really didn’t see any. Maybe it’s my super fine straight hair, I dunno.


Crown view. Loving how my false eyelashes look lol!


And here is what my hair looks like after taking out all the bobby pins. I look like a hot mess. After I make sure all pins are out ( I have brushed over rogue bobby pins and ouch!) I use a paddle brush to shape. I don’t think I have quite mastered the brush out, but I think I’m at least improving. I just brush and shape the curls where I want them to lay.


Right view after brushing. I brush enough to loosen the curls and shape but not to much that I loose the curl completely. You can see the gradual cut easier when it’s curled.


Left view. I could of used a bit more brushing and shaping on this side now that I see the photo.


And my obligatory bathroom-duck face selfie. I did shape the front top curls to curl inward towards my face and I teased the top curl to stand up a bit. Then I Aqua Net-sprayed my entire head of hair. It’s Texas. It’s hot. And it’s ridiculously humid. Hairspray is my friend.

So that’s it! That’s how I style my hair. The curls will last 2-3 days before i have to repeat this process again. Hopefully I can show you any improvements I stumble upon after I do this more and more.