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Vintage Simplicity 1692 and Dainty Thrift Finds


There is something about buttons that if matched correctly can totally make an outfit. Case in point, the vintage reproduction Simplicity 1692 pattern. I think that it just begs for novelty, whimsical buttons.


The buttons I purchased at a fabric outlet in my post here. 

They’re perfect for my Hobby Lobby cotton fabric. Dainty white and gold flowers for my dainty white with gold accent fabric. I wish the gold in the fabric would show up better in pictures, as these pictures really  do not do the fabric any justice.

I have already made this top two other ways, my Ready for Spring with Simplicity 1692 and Simplicity 1692 Vintage 1940’s. I love how much variety I can get out of this one pattern! I’m already plotting my way to the long sleeve version with gathered collar, but it’s so hot here in South Texas I might hold off making that one till Autumn rolls around (it’ll still be hot here though but a girl can hope and dream). I made it in the pattern size 10, and the saving grace to making this top flattering with it’s roomy bust is the 4 darts in front that cinch the waist. balances the proportions. LOVE.


I did want to share my newest Goodwill finds, these set of six china cups. What caught my eye were the double handles. Believe me, I scoured the shelves hoping to find matching plates or saucers. The rims have a nice black and blue stripe with a gold color detail, and the flowers on the cups look like spring. SWOON.

They cost only 99 cents a piece and I literally drove home with cartoon hearts floating around my head. After giving them a nice hand wash I read the bottom of the cups.


“Sheridan” Noritake, Made In Japan, U.S Design, Pat. 69533. Also had a laurel leaf design with the letter “M” in the middle. I look online and according to  RobbinsNest.com dates it 1921. And I was looking at them as cups when I realized they’re bullion bowls, hence the double handles! Robbinsnest.com is a lovely site and has a lot of patterns categorized! I think I’m going to study the other patterns so when I’m thrifting I can identify and spot them quickly.

Noritakechina.com has nice page on where you might be able to vintage/discontinued patterns. I know I’m not the only one looking to hunt around to make a set complete!

I don’t know if I will use these, they’re so light and I’m scared to drop one. They did survive almost 100 years, wold be a shame if I came around and ended that streak. I can only imagine what history these cups have seen, what conversations were had over these dishes, what stories they would tell! I imagine a Hercule Poirot scene, a glamorous woman dressed in a drop waist velvet number, pleading her innocence over a Noritake cup of bouillon. Yes, I have an active imagination…….


Thanks for reading!