Quick Shout Out to My Thrift Dress!


Just wanted to show my Outfit of the Day yesterday, my Goodwill thrifted 1980’s does 1940’s faux wrap dress! I don’t remember what I paid for it (but I wouldn’t of paid more than $6 I’ll tell you that).

It was hanging lifelessly on a hanger a few weeks ago, smooshed between clothes and hidden JUST for me lol. I tried it on and did a little happy dance in the dressing room. (Had anyone seen my feet under the dressing room door they would’ve thought I was crazy!)

The wrap in front is faux, but it does tie and untie so I can get a good semi custom waist fit. It actually zips up the back. And can we talk about the attached shoulder pads?! I have broad shoulders so I usually , ok always, shy away from shoulder pads. But I don’t know, it just seems to fit the style here.

The materials tag is gone, but it feels like a poly-rayon. I love the tropical print. SWOON! I think this dress only fuels my lust for all things vintage Hawaii/tropical…..


I did have heels on in the beginning of the day, but my mid afternoon my dogs were barking. Now I usually keep an emergency pair of flats in my car but of course that day I didn’t. Ran into a nearby Payless shoes and found those cute little sandals ON SALE! They’re called Women’s Betsey Peep Toe Huarache and I bough them in the color Cognac. I figured this light brown color would go well with my playsuits and high waisted shorts outfits as well this summer.

And if anyone is wodering the blue bangle is thrifted ($1!) and the sunglasses are Dior from the Saks Outlet a few years ago 🙂

Thanks for reading!