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My Love for Two Twirly Skirts, Cont….


So I had to go to Hobby Lobby for fabric stiffener. JUST fabric stiffener. What do I see as I walk to the fabric department? 30%-50% off sale signs. UGH. WHY?! Found the cutest flamingo print calico. Looks like they’re dancing in unison and I know I’ll be rocking a flamingo skirt this summer, lol! Also found a lovely calico in a floral print with grey dots. Last but not least a peachy pink georgette which I had in mind to make a top to match my future flamingo skirt 🙂


Same day as Hobby Lobby I went antique/thrift store browsing. Found some cute items which I will share in future blog posts (including  a dainty pair of gloves and a smart winter hat). I wore my a few seasons old Express top with my thrifted fabric, Simplicity pattern skirt on Thrifted Fabric = Vintage Simplicity Pattern Skirt post.  I think I’m slowly gravitating towards peach hues as I get older. Hmm. Wonder what the means…..


Also sporting my thrifted straw purse and thrifted plastic sandals ($3.99!) I love the pink plastic bows, and they were perfect for a comfortable foot day. Nothing ruins a great day of treasure hunting like painful footwear!


A few days ago I did find my mother a 1960’s? vintage Singer Touch and Sew 600 E at the Goodwill. Half off! It looked like it was never used. Did not have any of the cams, but I know between the both of us we’d find them eventually. I know there are mixed reviews about the Touch and Sew models, but I think with some tuning up it will be a good solid friend. Love an old fashioned metal-parts sewing machine 🙂


So remember that floral, grey dot fabric from Hobby Lobby? It’s now my twirly skirt! 3 hours of sewing while watching Netflix, a very relaxing way to end a Saturday night. I gathered the skirt instead of pleating like the Simplicity 2553 called for as I wanted a bit more volume. As long as I have a nice snug waistband I like a very voluminous skirt.


Thrifted wedges and thrifted purse (same one I had yesterday). And yes both days called for a petticoat! Proper undergarments are the key.


I felt so feminine today and I received many compliments from passers by on my skirt. It’s just so cheery and so girly 🙂 Such a mood lifter! Isn’t that what our outfits are supposed to do?

Thanks for reading!