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When You Make Multiple Makes of One Pattern


Please let me know I’m not the only one who has this problem. Maybe it’s not even a “problem” per se, but a blessing and a curse. Have you ever come across a pattern that was so versatile that you could imagine outfit after outfit of possibilities with it? That even though you have other wonderful patterns, that one pattern keeps whispering sweet nothings in your crafty ear?

My vintage Simplicity pattern 2553 is one such pattern. That lucky find has blessed me with several tops and skirts, and I am always tickled pink with each make.


I found this lovely pinkish-red candy stripe shirting fabric at Hancocks Fabric (so sad they’re going out of business), and it seemed of course a great new skirt!


This time I pleated the skirt a different way than the pattern calls for like Simplicity Lemon Skirt and Embellished Cardigan and Vintage Simplicity Me Made Day! and different from when I just gathered it like 99 Cent Thrift Fabric? Oh Yes Please!. I was apprehensive at first that pleats this way wouldn’t be flattering, but once it was done I actually love it.


TADA! The finished skirt (petticoat underneath). Such a cheery fabric and a definite twirly skirt. Blouse is thrifted and wedge sandals are from Forever 21 (on sale!)


Up close of the blouse and skirt. I starched and ironed the heck outta those pleats!


I did want to share my Ebay haul, a wonderful collection of vintage belt buckles. I have several dresses that would be greatly enhanced by a smart matching belt, but I find that buckles are too expensive for what I am comfortable paying, and it’s hard to find dainty buckles like the pictures on the vintage pattern envelopes.


Do they still sell belt buckles like this still? This one you can cover with fabric. Thinking a cute pink dress with matching pink belt/buckle…..

Thanks for reading and until next time! 🙂