A Rainy Day Outfit


So before I get to my last Me Made May 2016 outfit (did May really just fly by THAT fast?!) I wanted to ask anyone if they knew what hose lovely people above in the photo are playing? I was thinking at first Petanque or Boule, the French game similar to British lawn bowling. But then I noticed he has a tool in his hand? Curling? No ice. But I must admit it’s probably a really fun game, as the three spectators are watching him intently.

Where is this from you ask? My flea market $3 blouse. It was a little large on me but with whimsical scenes and a pretty shape I knew I could alter it. Made deeper back darts and added two more front darts and viola! Fits!


I think everyone on my blouse is at a warm, sunny resort. Too darn cute! Also up close is my me-made pencil skirt, a pattern I made as well, even the front flap things ( I’m sure there’s a more technical term for those but I’m going to just call them flap things), adorned with vintage buttons.


Up close shot. You can see where I must’ve slipped whilst top stitching the waist band. Darn it. But I figure if someone next to me can see that then they’re too close lol! I used a lightweight suiting for the skirt, unlined. It is a very hot and humid spring here and extra layer ANYTHING is torture.


I do apologize for the wrinkly skirt! This was taken after a long, busy workday. I must remember to take outfit photos BEFORE beginning work, not just after. And my frown? I have no idea why I was frowning lol 🙂

So that’s my short and sweet post on my last Me Made May 2016 outfit. This challenge was very fun, albeit I did not post every single Me Made outfit on Instagram. Life seems to always weasel it’s way into throwing plans out the window, and my plan on every day looks was derailed. But I did make some nice pieces that I will have on heavy rotation and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s Instagram #MMMay16 posts! I will en devour  to keep the spirit of Me Made May alive all year 🙂