Butterick 5985, Vintage Playsuit


So I have a slight obsession over Butterick’s Patterns by Gertie B5895. I’ve made DIY Vintage Jeans and Me Made 2016 Pledge!, and Butterick B5895 Two Ways. 

All three of those creations were the pants or variations of the pants. Not that I don’t like the top. I like the design of the top. But it has *gasp* buttons. When one does not have a buttonhole attachment for her vintage Nelco sewing machine, one does shy away from buttons. BUT I do know how to hand sew some sturdy button holes. I just need to want it bad enough to do it!

I had recently found some very vintage looking-but new  cotton fabric. It has an island theme, with palm trees, flowers, calm ripples on the ocean and cute little thatched roof huts. My mind immediately went to those alluring 1940’s vintage two-piece playsuits. I’ve yet to buy an original playsuit pattern (when I find them online they’re always missing a piece or in a wrong size), but I knew I probably had a good candidate in my pattern stash. Lo and behold, Butterick 5895.


So I wanted my playsuit bottoms to be a high waisted pair of shorts. The pants of course I made into my cherry shorts before. If you look at your pants pattern (shown is pattern piece 8) there are two solid lines past the crotch line, “lengthen or shorten here”. That’s where I got my original shorts length for BOTH the front and back of the pants patterns. I did try them on later and shorten them another inch, but for me cutting first on that line was a starting point.


As for the width of the shorts, you will notice (again this is photographed with pattern piece 8) that once the piece hits the hips it tapers in. I just cut a straight line down on my fabric from that hip part to the double solid lines (shown elegantly with my pencil). This way my shorts aren’t as tight on my thighs as a pair of paints would be. I did this on BOTH my front and back pattern pieces.


TADA! My vintage 1940’s inspired playsuit! I love it. (Please excuse the white rag in bottom right corner, we were gardening 🙂 ). I feel like I should be on a sandy tropical beach with a frosty pina colada, topped with some toasted coconut and whipped cream. SIGH.


My buttonholes aren’t machine-perfect but I’m ok with that. The trickiest part of the blouse I think was the collar. That darn collar. I literally re-read the collar instructions for over an hour while staring at my blouse. It just did not make sense to me. I had to remove myself from the blouse to do something else like cook as I was getting so flustered. I feel like another illustration was needed to show at least two more steps in between starting and finishing it. Just take your time and keep your cool. DON’T FORGET to mark circles. When I make this blouse again I will take photos for a step-by-step as to how I did it. Still might not be how it’s supposed to be done though lol!


Side view. It’s a bit wrinkly as I’ve been wearing it all afternoon. But with this unrelenting Texas humidity enveloping us, a cute cotton playsuit makes it a bit bearable.


This is a photo before I was outside sweating! I love how the blouse ha the collar and sleeves as part of the blouse and not as separate sewn-in pieces. Once I got the hang of the collar it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. Oh, and I almost forgot this is my Me Made May 2016 Day 29 challenge! #MMMay16




















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