Retro Butterick 5708


#MMMay2016 Day 27! Here’s a cute dress I made a few months ago in preparation of summer. Retro Butterick 5708. Loved all the different illustrations and ways to wear it!

I chose a mint green cotton broadcloth for lower bodice and a small print floral cotton on white background for top of bodice. I really love the blue print for view A3, and I’m already planning on converting the skirt to a slim skirt on my next make.

So here is view A on envelope. I love the bodice ties at the shoulder. (Yes I’m wearing a purchased petticoat!)

Next is A2 on envelope. Both bodice ties retied under armpit. I love this view, but the bodice slides down a bit on this view and it doesn’t look very smooth on bottom bodice as a result. Maybe it’s because the bodice too large? Maybe I need to make the  lower bodice a size smaller.  I’ll try to find a solution the next dress….

And here’s view A3, the one shoulder look. Dang I really want that blue print fabric in the envelope illustration lol!

So remember my complaint about the bodice sliding down on view A2? Well, the Butterick make on their website here  has the dress in  a pretty, shiny fabric. It’s such a pretty dress. The bodice does bunch a little on her dress if you look at the photos, so maybe I’m too picky about the bodice and I just really like a snug bodice with my full skirts. The next time I make this I will try going down a size on the lower bodice and tell you if that worked.


Overall this is such a nice pattern. Very versatile and only a little bit challenging to sew. The bodice is fully lined which is really nice. The “V” seam in the front is a little tricky, just pin like crazy and take your time. I don’t think mine is perfect but I hope I’ll improve on it next time! This is definitely a dress I loved wearing today, makes you feel very feminine and girly!


Thanks for reading!