99 Cent Thrift Fabric? Oh Yes Please!


There is definitely something about the thrill of the thrift hunt that I just adore. The cruising of the isles, scanning of the shelves, clicking hanger after hanger looking for THE find. Tell me of you’ve talked like this in your head at a thrift store: Nothing, nothing, nope, broken, ugly, hmmm maybe, they want HOW much?….gasp!! SCORE!

Well this fabric was a score! Hanging up with the remnants and sheets hid this lovely medium weight fabric, almost 4 yards of fabric for 99 cents. Yes. 99 cents. I almost ran home laughing maniacally to myself. And I already had the perfect pattern in mind.

My vintage Simplicity pattern 2553 is my go-t0. My best pal. My buddy. I’ve created with this pattern several skirts: Vintage Simplicity Me Made Day!, Simplicity Lemon Skirt and Embellished Cardigan, Thrifted Fabric = Vintage Simplicity Pattern Skirt, Je’Taime Paris Skirt in a Hurry, and I’m In Love With Gingham.


Hemming a skirt by hand. There is something rather rhythmic and relaxing about hand sewing.


And of course TADA! Finished skirt! (Blouse is from Express, a few seasons old? Shoes are thrifted.) Instead of pleating the skirt like the pattern calls for, I decided to live dangerously and gather it. By hand (I don’t have any special feet attachments for my vintage Nelco). The front is wrinkled a bit in the photo, but to my defense it was taken at the end of a workday 🙂

I also tried my hardest to line up the stripes in the seams, and I positioned the waist band pattern piece so the dark blue stripe was on the top part of the waist. Love the line it gives, almost looks like a belt! And yes, I am wearing my trusty petticoat.



I love it. Would I love it as much if I didn’t find the fabric for 99 cents? Maybe, maybe not. But I love making something out of nothing, and creating a Me Made May (Day 24!) skirt is always something to be happy about 🙂


Thanks for reading!