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Vintage Simplicity Me Made Day!


Today will be a teeny blog post 🙂 From 5:30am to me typing this at 6:01pm it has been a very busy day. Work work work work work. Luckily I had on a happy Me Made outfit to get me through. There is just something about an outfit you love that perks your spirits. So why can’t we strive to have an outfit like that everyday? Can you imagine the productivity and positive vibes we’d have?


Today for Me Made May 2016 Day 20 is my already blogged about but I love it anyway vintage Simplicity pattern skirt, Je’Taime Paris Skirt in a Hurry. Hurrah for  it’s Parisienne playfulness, pleats and cheerful splendor. I am wearing a petticoat underneath to again give it oompf! I paired it with my thrifted cardigan that I hand embroidered Simplicity Lemon Skirt and Embellished Cardigan (which coincidentally has the exact same pattern Simplicity skirt in a lemon print!)


Close up of my embroidered cardigan and Parisienne skirt. I love the whimsy of it all.


I will say however that in spite of a very busy work day I was ahead on one appointment. This allowed my eyes to expertly zoom in on a estate sale directional sign. Dang it, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin! I just can’t NOT follow!!! It was an older, well maintained home. I guess it had been going on over the weekend as well (today’s Monday) as most items were gone.

Kitchen was almost empty of items which I was bummed about as I was hoping for Pyrex anything. I cruised on over to the master bedroom which had a few linens draped across the bed. I rummaged through a few layers down to find this cute embroidered napkin set. For $1.00! The top napkin has a few brown dots, but I’m going to wash them to see it’s actually a stain.

The little circle pockets stumped me at first. Then I realized…they’re fluted glass cozies. Let’s say you’re serving bubbly champagne to your guests. They try to set a glass onto your mid century modern teak coffee table. GASP! No water stains! Quick! Get out the glass cozies! That’s what there’s a slit in the top, to slip it on over the glass base. Ingenious. Unfortunately for me I tried every champagne, martini and wine glass I had and all were too big for these. Still cute though!

Thanks for reading!

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